Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • abhishek101
    03-23 02:08 PM
    SGP are you working at Client's site in NJ or are you working from Home for a company in LA, CA ?

    If you are at Client Site then you need a LCA for NJ and no need for address in LA., CA

    If you are working from home, then you have to check what does your Paystub say, if it says that you are an employee in LA, CA you have to find a home in CA.

    It is from my understanding of the law. Other's please comment

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  • map_boiler
    07-30 09:57 AM
    got the second card production ordered email today. first one was on june 28th. hopefully this time, we'll get the approval notice sent email in the next couple of days...or latest in the next week or so.

    Something funny seems to be going on with the TSC EAD processing dept. I got my second "Card Production Ordered" email today, saying new card has been ordered on July 29. This followed the earlier email 13 days ago, which said the new card was ordered July 17! Did anyone else have similar experience?

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  • summitpointe
    05-23 04:24 PM
    12 years in US. Engg, PGDCA, MBA(Distance education) grad from India. Had 6 yeras of work exp before joing the current employer. Working with the current employer for 8 years now.


    Priority date Sep 2004
    I-140 Approved in Nov 2005
    I-485 Filed for both my wife and myself in July 2007

    EB2 porting

    Started new process with same employer in September 2010
    Applied PERM in Jan 2011 and got approved in 10 days
    Applied I-140 in April 2011 and got approved in one week
    Priority date recaptured and I-140 has the old priority date (Sep 2004) and same A# as previous one
    Opened SR with USCIS on May 6th 2011
    Informed customer service that my Priority date is outside normal processing time
    Received an e-mail after couple of days "There are no visas available to process your I-485 application. Your priority date is EB3 September 2004 which is later that the cut-off listed on the visa bulletin for your preference. Thank you for your time. This inquiry will be considered closed."
    Replied to the USCIS e-mail(tsc.ncscfollowup) attaching the I-140 copy and asking them to upgrade my case from EB-3 to EB-2
    Got the magic e-mail on May 17th 2011 and also reply for my e-mail

    Thank you IV and for all the useful information. Wishing you Best of Luck to all who are waiting in line.

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  • caydee
    01-02 11:39 AM
    In my situation, my lawyer confirms that my child is safe.

    However, in the recent IV Attorney Conference Call, the attorney interpreted the law differently. Here is the link to the audio recording of the conference call -

    My lawyer is confused on this so I asked Greg Siskind on his blog during July Fiasco his reply "I think you're going to be in good shape on your son".
    Should I get another opinion? does USCIS send letter saying your child age is locked? we have received the EAD and AP.
    Thanks for your reply.


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  • arkrish68
    05-26 01:39 PM
    EAD Paper mailed on 5/8 to Phoenix Lockbox.
    Received on 5/10 as per the tracking number by Phoenix Lockbox.

    No receipt notice or the cheques were not encashed. Called the National Service Center and was told to wait 30 days to get the receipt notice. :mad: is anyone in similar situation.

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  • radhay
    06-04 05:36 AM
    E-Filed on 04/15 . Wifes EAD Card received on 06/01. Mine still says initial review so Initiated a service request but looks like it would not have much impact as case is still under normal processing times.
    Getting concerned now since my current EAD expires on 90th day.


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  • h1techSlave
    09-25 09:29 AM
    Caliber, we are seeing a totally hopeless situation. Especially people with later PDs in EB3-I category.

    The CIS official had clearly said that EB3-I pending will be in decades unless some changes are made to the immigration laws. Seeing the way the health care bill is going, none of the EB3 folks are seeing any hope for CIR.

    You are 100% right. IV Core also got wrong data from CIS. Core is following up with the CIS. But as you said, EB3-I will not get any spill overs. There are 45K EB3-I's and we see hardly 100-200 in this forum. We need many people and I feel still people do not realize the grave situation.

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  • Sachin_Stock
    06-29 05:17 PM
    I wonder if such a reaction is warranted considering that there's official news from USCIS at this stage. I would not support the litigation.


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  • willwin
    10-15 12:43 PM
    Yep. It would be good for EB3/2 - India-PD 2007 filer considering canadian immigration simultaneously...ofcourse do not rush now for filing Canadian PR - As Canada generally gives you PR witin 2 years and by that time 2007 filers may not have passed FBI check for their 485 here..If the way things are going I see at least 5 years wait for 2007 (India)filers.


    Can you guesstimate how long it would take for EB3/India, Mar 2005 (Pre-PERM), Consular Processing to get GC?

    Appreciate your time.

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  • neelu
    12-21 01:24 PM
    If you have not helped bring atleast one member to this forum, stop. Make that call right now, help a friend register, explain and make them aware.
    This is the homework before the holidays.

    Thank you everyone, who has been trying so hard to keep this thread alive, active and on track.

    I know we are nearing our self set deadline of Dec 31st to double our membership through the Add ONE Member campaign. The goal (15000 members) is no where in sight. But I am not worried. In fact, I am very much enthusiastic, because we were able to add a considerable number of members in the last week.

    But we can do a lot better!!!

    A IV update on another members only thread about opportunities in Jan and Feb, made me take time out from my very important work project and send this message out. We need to increase our membership NOW!

    And the Add ONE Member campaign is the perfect vehicle.

    Let each of us add one member. Also I suggest that one of us take the responsibility to PM online members and remind them to add ONE member (some of us just need a reminder).

    Also, Pappu or Logiclife said that they would attach the Add ONE member campaign details in the IV newsletter. I think we should send the newsletter immediately to all current IV members.

    Together we can achieve this very attainable goal of 15000 members by Dec 31st.

    Thank you.


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  • gimme_GC2006
    08-05 10:47 PM
    congrats to all who are getting approved !!

    I am just waiting for my case, the last LUD on my case was on 2008..a laundry list of events happened after that but never was there an LUD:mad:

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  • actonwang
    07-17 09:37 PM
    kudo to IV members.

    start to wonder: what is gc? why is it taking away so many talented people's time and opptunities?


    again, kudo to IV.


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  • sanjay
    09-02 05:04 PM
    Congrats to all the lucky ones. Enjoy the green freedom. Wish you all the best for your bright future and long life
    Best Wishes to all the hopefuls.

    I am in waiting game. Hoping against hope to go green.

    BTW, today I treid calling USCIS. First the 1st level representative spoke and she straightway created a SR for me and my daughter. Once she finished that part Politely I asked her to transfer to an IO. Luckily without any wait call got connected to an IO. Had very brief conversation with him. He was fixated on my EAD being valid till August 2010, so according to him I don't have to worry about. But I persisted with my line of questions like current status, whether it is pre-adjudicated?, whether all clearances are done etc. Only thing he replied was "Your Case is in REVIEW". I asked him what does review means. His answer was review means review. Our conversation stopped there.

    What do you guys think on "Your case is under review"?

    HA HA HA.

    Me too got same reply except mine was " extended review ". Don't know the heck about it.

    Looks like a standard answer from them. Just like one we used to hear on phone in India for call waiting - "Kripya dhyan dain. Aap katar main hain."

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  • gc_dream07
    03-19 07:10 PM
    2) Remove the country limit
    3) Capture the unused Visa


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  • samswas
    05-05 08:02 AM
    Finally, done

    PD: June 7th 2006
    SC: Texas
    I-485 Status: Card Production Ordered
    LUID: 05/04/2011

    Thank you all IV friends.

    One question,

    Yesterday I sent my EAD renewel application. should put stop payment on check or should I call USCIS.



    Congrats MC!

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  • obviously
    05-15 10:56 PM
    FOLKS, Please consider using this following approach:

    - Take 10 Minutes *NOW* to call these numbers to leave messages. If you are married, split these between husband and wife.
    - If you call *NOW*, you just need to leave a Voicemail.
    - Call at least 1 other friend and request him/her to call with these messages.
    - Use your Yahoo! or Hotmail address book and send the messages to your contacts
    - If you are on LinkedIn, send this message to your contacts.
    - If you are on Orkut, 'scrap' everyone

    This is key. Dont put this off.

    No one will help you. You've got to help yourself.

    This is one problem that cannot be 'outsourced'.

    It is easy to say .... "well others are calling. I know I should call but ...(fill in your favorite excuse)"!!

    15 minutes will potentially save you months of continued agony!

    The Admins have
    - Given the names and numbers
    - Give the script

    Just follow it. Please. Dont put this off. Dont expect 'someone else will do it'. Every call counts.

    If possible, have husband and wife EACH call. Have your kids call. Nothing like a child's voice, more so if your kid is a US Citizen. Tell your kid to identify himself/herself as a citizen. Also builds your child's self esteem and leadership instincts.

    Please, dont put this off. Your shopping trip, random errand, movie or dinner CAN wait.

    Take 15 minutes to call them NOW. If you call now, it will most likely go to Voice Mail. Thats OK. At least you wont be 'worried about not coming across OK'. Just do it. Please.

    And, do update the poll after that.



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  • mhathi
    05-20 01:06 PM
    called couple of congressman but one were asking if i contacted my local congressman ???

    They do that sometimes. No matter. They will pass on your message. I had the same experience with Rep. Hinojosa's office. Key is though to call all of the congressmen and let your concerns known. All the others were very polite in talking.

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  • boreal
    01-19 11:45 AM
    I made my contribution of $20.00 recurring per month.

    Subscription Number: S-6HE52356R07665918

    $100 + $20 recurring (Jan 07)

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  • sbeyyala
    01-17 03:11 PM
    signed up for $20 per month though paypal.

    06-02 06:20 AM
    EAd efiles to TSC on 4/26
    CPO on 5/14
    Card received on 06/01 for 2 yrs with the expiry date starting from the end of the current card.

    E-filed at TSC on 5/3.
    CPO on 5/14
    Approval Document email on 5/27
    Card Received on 6/01
    Two years validity with effective date beginning from the expiration date of current EAD.
    Card is the new machine-readable format.
    Card envelope has also changed. New envelope is larger in size, doesn't say USCIS anywhere on the outside, only the Mesquite, TX return address.

    03-30 11:53 AM
    Please request members to complete/update their profile so that we can contact them for an event. Thanks!

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