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  • belmontboy
    02-27 06:47 PM
    this thread is useless. Please delete!

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  • ashkam
    03-27 11:32 AM
    "somebody who should not be allowed in your house" is not necessarily a security threat."

    Whaa? You're kidding, right? If there's an intruder in my house, he could be Santa Claus but for me he is a security threat. Are you just arguing now for the sake of it? You keep talking about logical reasoning, but I don't see a shred of it coming from your side.

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  • [Legoman]
    02-10 10:00 AM
    I went with kax's kastle. damned fine.

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  • TeddyKoochu
    07-29 01:17 PM
    The "diversity" is a celebrated argument in USA. However, it takes a backseat when doling out amnesty. And "justice" is also important, and you can't sacrifice something as important as Justice for "diversity", which is just a long-term-point-of-view concept

    The original intent of the country limits may have been to regulate the system. On the ground level however country limits are actually almost denying (very long wait) retrogressed country folks their GC even if they are similarly qualified. Country limits should have no place in any merit based EB system. I hope that if the amnesty does not have any country limits in CIR atleast EB system should be freed of that, these limits are very restrictive in nature.


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  • GC_dd
    10-28 02:25 AM
    if there is demand for some skill it will be given 50 times the salary of others.. if somebody wants to migrate he will find ways.. now being IT worker is best way to migrate to developed countries. He is trying to set expectation right but in wane.. people will go where they get best value for their time.

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  • qplearn
    12-20 11:23 AM
    Was this is a change in the procedures of USCIS? If yes, could we not request them to increase the length of the EAD from 1 to 5 years? This will help many of us too. I need to get my DL renewed every year along with the EAD.


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  • hydboy77
    02-12 10:05 AM
    DOS and USCIS are making sure no visas are being wasted in any category whether it is FB or EB category. In this situation we cannot expect any FB visa wastage and spillover of those FB wasted visa in EB category anymore. Without the FB spillover there will not be any forward movement in EB2 during the august-september visa bulletin. Mpadapa analysis seems to be correct and is also backed by facts and numbers. With only 140k visas for EB and without any FB spillover we might actually see dates moving back and staying stagnant for EB2 india. Remember Eb2 india has never managed to move beyond April 1 2004 without the FB spillover in the last quarter.This is a terrible shock to everybody in EB2 India, I have been saying this all along that EB2 will be stagnant or move backward (because of eb3 line cutters).

    My document uses similar method as used in 2007 USCIS Ombudsman report.
    Here is the link to my document - link (
    Similar table can be found in Ombudsman report - link ( Look at Page 34 ( 52 / 145 )

    The numbers in my report would be off by < +/- 50 visa's because I am using published data and Ombudsman uses internal DOS data.

    The bottom line is EB limit has enjoyed spillover from unused FB visas and this year it is not going to happen. In the past we have been used to EB limits of 154K (2007), 163K (2008), this year we have to get used to the original limit 140K The movement of PD of various categories would take their own coarse based on USCIS interpretation of spillover between categories.

    It would be great if members can update their profiles so that IV can do a better job of estimating the forward movement using the tracker.

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  • chakdepatte
    10-29 10:32 AM
    been 90+ days no news on AP. called USCIS for delay and now I get an email about RFE on me and my wifes AP.

    any ideas, what type of RFE's being issued for APs?

    response will be greatly appreciated.



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  • gchopes
    12-07 12:25 PM
    Tried everything. Infopass, Congressman, Ombusdsman. Still over 100 days and no movement on AP. Anybody in the same boat? AP applied in TSC.

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  • nozerd
    12-12 04:53 PM
    Whats surprising to me is that EB3 ROW didnt move at all.

    Anyway even if its 2 weeks progress for EB3 India its at least a glimmer of hope for those with PD's in 2001 like myself.


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  • atul555
    12-22 01:46 PM
    But not because they are 'Indian' but because they are run by sarkari babus. If anyone wants proof Govt. can't run things even remotely as efficiently as private corporations, this is that case study.
    Have to give American consulates in India the credit that they have outsourced some job to external private companies.
    At Indian consulate the story is quite different. There are many who share Pooja's feeling on this subject as being used to dealing with efficient private businesses in US, as soon as you enter the consulate, the sarkari inefficiency hits you like a ton of bricks. Every small screwup looks like a giant under our microscope and each further screwup just frustrates us exponentially.
    As per my last visit to SF consulate, bracing for the worst, I got a surprise to find that it was a breeze, mostly because the lady at the counter was more compassionate and accommodating then the prior ones. But the failure is glaringly at the top level where they fail to define and refine the process, proof-read the information on website (list of document is vague and contains repetitions).
    To summarize I think good workers can deliver some time, but the team will ultimately be a failure without good management at the top, and we all know the top management is sarkari babus who could care less as they were appointed from the sifarish of the Govt in New Delhi and not on their own merit.

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  • WillIBLucky
    06-19 02:26 PM
    Employer letter is not required if you are attaching photocopies of two current pay stubs.

    You would need employee letter as well. The employee letter will state that the position is still open and they are willing the pay the amount that was initially agreed to while filing for pay stub is not enough.....


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  • pdakwala
    02-03 10:00 PM
    Please read on:

    Meeting Notes :
    Meeting with Lauren Hole, Field Representative of Rep.George Miller (Concord).

    A group from CALIFORNIA Met with Lauren. She was not aware of the EB based GC process. So we updated her on the process and the issues. She patiently listened to us for an hour. She said she would bring it up with her counterparts in Washington, but was not sure if she would be heard on this. When asked what we could do to make us heard, she said " Just continue what you are doing.. Contact your local Congress persons".

    Meeting with Luis Quinonez and Pepei Yu, Field Reps at Rep. Barbara Lee ( Oakland).

    This meeting went very well, because both of them knew very well what the issues are with the Labor BECs and with the Retrogression. They also knew about all the bills around the immigration. They had gone through the IV web site and also the brochure.

    They were very sympathetic to our cause and said "Barbara Lee is on your side. And we understand all your problems and we are with you in asking for these reforms". They gave us some specific action plans:

    Get a few people who live in Oakland to write to B.Lee's office stating that :
    They live in such and such address (should be within the Oakland congressional district)
    Their case details with case number.
    That they represent Immigration Voice which has several x number of members who are similarly affected.
    State our cause (goals) and request that Rep. Barbara Lee should please consider / vote favorable for our case.
    Pepei Yu mentioned that if they get these letters, it gets filed and entered into a database and is seen by the Congresswoman. So, we have to draft the letter and get about 10 �20 people in the Oakland Congressional District to do this. Please get your contacts or friends to do this.

    Pepei Yu also educated us that the Congressman / woman can only look into matters of their own Congressional District . It is considered federal felony if they engage in interests of other dicstricts. So she said it is very important that we get people to appeal to the Congress person of their own district. The Congress person they should contact is the one that governs the place where they live (not the place where they work). She suggested that we make a template of the letter and use it across the country replacing our names and the Congresspersons name as appropriate. Both Luis and Pepei stroingly encouraged us to do this across the country and mentioned that this was a sure way of reaching out and making our voice heard.

    3. They were very helpful and suggested that we keep in contact with them to monitor these issues. They also offered to let us know when they may have someone from the USCIS or other such Immigration related authorities addressing open forums.

    They strongly suggested that we get in touch with Senator Feinstein (they provided a contact) and also get in touch with every congress person in the area (Bay Area) � esp those that are Moderate Democrats. The thinking was that it may be easier to get the moderates over to our view point rather than people who are totally against immigration.

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  • Bpositive
    05-09 11:24 PM
    Now that you have green cards, you may have considered/thought about reentry permits.

    Can you get multiple reentry permits i.e one 2 permit followed by a second 1 or 2 year permit?


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  • belmontboy
    11-25 11:58 PM
    Thanks a million, core team, for the effort!!!!!! As many have already raised the issue, can you please clarify that core does indeed forecast a jump of nearly 3 years for EB-2 India between Jul-10 and Oct-10?

    One possible explanation could be labor market being bad. We could anticipate spillover to be considerably bigger than previous years.

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  • raj3078
    08-22 10:21 AM
    It would be interesting to know....Wonder how credible their claim of State Dept official discussed with them about Visa Bulletin dates?


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  • champu
    03-12 12:10 AM
    What you are saying I understand. And many american/GC holders work as independent contractors on 1099. But H1B is never designed for independent contractor (1099). H1B is designed as W2. By using percentage basis H1B consultants are trying to work like independent contractor on 1099. USCIS is trying to crack down on that.

    No H1B works on 1099.
    Also how uscis can crack down on %age system.

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  • nemadeni
    08-25 08:08 PM
    Received only one year EAD .I will have to call USCIS for incorrect validity date of issued EAD.

    Did anybody contact USCIS regarding 1 year validity?

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  • pappu
    01-31 11:02 AM
    There are now couple of threads and several posts in different places on the same topic. I have merged 2 threads.
    be careful when you start a new thread. see if there is already a thread on the topic and post in that thread.

    07-06 03:54 PM
    New members please fill in your contact information. Please help IV and help yourself. Spread the word of IV among your friends

    08-31 03:51 PM
    Thank you! The reporter interviewed me for this story and I didn't even know it was published.

    ABC News:

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