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  • wahwah
    06-05 06:43 PM
    i think this is just another interim or supplemental memo. Oh's website says that the rule making agenda for ac21 has been pushed out until next year.

    About 2 weeks back Murthy posted an article in it's bulletin "new AC-21 regulations expected soon" which i believe was a result of some discussions USCIS had with AILA?

    Now is this new AC-21 memo released today the one being referred to in the above mentioned Murthy bulletin? OR i should still hold my breath for more AC-21 changes coming from USCIS, so they can jeopardize status of people by changing their interpretation of laws every now and then? Anyone?

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  • sdrblr
    08-17 10:08 PM
    still waiting patiently :)....

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  • nag2007
    10-11 04:48 PM
    Well that depends on lots of things. If your assumption is that the PD is gonna move slowly and gradually forward, then what you are saying is true. Again, once he/she files 485, his 485 is not going to be processed immediately. AP, EAD may be issued but it may take 6-9 months for 485 to get processed.

    However, if PD moves so much ahead that your PD is also current, then you will get your GC (if other processes are complete) whereas he/she would have just filed 485.

    I completely agree with you. Without all these process, u cannot get GC even if you have PD. I think we all are in a fix.

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  • thomachan72
    11-02 03:07 PM
    yep, makes sense.
    Regarding the orignal topic, even I have never heard anyone not getting citizenship because of them leaving the GC employer. Personally, I won't wait for six months or even a single day, if I see a better opportunity.

    What happens in case of people who obtain GC through marriage and then due to some reason have to divorse? Do they have to stay married for a certain period of time?? :D:D If so how much would that be?


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  • chanduv23
    10-31 09:47 AM
    Folks, don't beat ur head on this.
    OP - as long as you followed all laws and everything is perfect with you, don't worry.

    Almost all the AC21 denials that I am aware of have been successfully reversed if you think that is the case.

    Do not expect any valuble information from USCIS when your date is not current.

    They can give the following if you go for infopass : name check issues, address change issues, FP issues, (if u r lucky they might tell u that it is preadjudicated) etc...

    As an alternate you may want to contact the Ombudsman and explain in detail about your thoughts on this cryptic letter and request for "proper information"

    As another alternative - contact your law maker. Go to your congressman's office and show the cryptic letter. Tell them you are concerned, you have family and followed all rules properly and curious to know if there is anything wrong that is going on that you might not be aware of and would like to correct it.

    A proper response will give you peace of mind.

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  • mundada
    10-10 02:05 PM
    I wish they invested in R and D and innovation and products instead of services. Service industry is mainly governed by dealing with cost efficient labor. These companies reach out to IITs IIMs get the best and brightest and dump them into the service sector and start earning on them.

    If they changed their business modal and started investing in products and Rand D, it may not give them quick money, but the results will be beneficial on the long run.
    Service industry is not always based on labor cost differentials. Many services are value added services. For example, stock brokers used to charge $200 and above for stock trades; however, electronic brokers came and made the industry efficient and hence can profit more by charging only $10 or even less. But this does not mean that the stock brokers are earning less. In fact they are earning more than before. However, their value additions come from faster settlement times and high volumes. This is easier to analyze. Now look at London or Hong Kong -- what services it provides and why is it booming?

    High investments in R&D in general is good for economy but not necessarily true for a company. For example, German manufacturers are best R&D shops; however, their over investment in precision is precisely their problem. On the other hand Apple copied mp3 music players from Creative and made millions. One can find countless examples of skilled marketing (services) not innovative products making money. So don't assume that R&D investments are always good for a company.

    Finally, Wipro & the likes -- they have already opened up shops in China, Mexico, Brazil (yes)... and finally if dollar falls further they could actually buy the US companies and make them efficient (Honda and GM example).


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  • prioritydate
    08-07 05:45 PM
    Here we go again. They are approving this on purpose, I guess.

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  • peacocklover
    08-03 07:24 AM
    Yes, I agree.. those roaches need to be crushed down with good governance..Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI ( project is the first step of that process to have transparency to credit system, risk assessment, tax accountability, govt spending, crime control and so many others.. ... I think it will be a reality in next few years. similar development perspective is up with china now..they increased domestic consumption rather focusing only on exports..
    US needs revise this per country limit based EB immigration policies to stop reverse brain drain otherwise it will be loose the talent and the edge in research power which is the heart beat of US economy..

    If Indian bureaucracy is improved, corruption is drastically reduced and transparency is increased, India is the best place. But will this happen with this corrupt minded, useless and nasty politicians?


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  • vbkris77
    11-30 05:10 PM
    Thanks for the good work. However, I saw a major potential flaw in estimating the applications from ROW. The report finds the life cycle for a ROWer to submit 485 is 1 year, thus assuming little AOS applications will be filed in the coming year from ROW. But this analysis forgot to consider those ROWers who started GC in year 2008. A person who started working in 11/2008 is ready to submit 485 now and uses one quota, even if a person who just started working won't be able to submit AOS till a year from now. With this under consideration, I feel the spillover will be much less than initially estimated.
    Please correct me if I missed anything.

    Good observation, but the economy wasn't good in 2008 either and most of the time both PERM centers were closed for business. Chicago was closed in mid year and Atlanta wasn't working from late 2007 till early 2009.

    So the number of PERM approvals would be very low. Assuming CIS cleared most of the I140 backlog as they indicated, their I485 numbers should include the recent ROW approvals as they become real backlog applications (backlogged by CIS processing not by visa numbers)

    I am still waiting for the 2009 DOL and State report to validate this information.

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  • sc3
    05-13 07:33 PM
    Please check with both Immigration attorney (for 485 withdrawal), and a divorce lawyer in India.

    I believe that if the marriage was conducted in India, but US court issues the divorce decree, such decree is not automatically recognized in India. You might have to file for such a decree in India too.

    Personally, withdrawing now, and reapplying is a better option. You will be playing Russian roulette if you decide to wait for some time to "withdraw" -- as USCIS could suddenly make dates current (remember last year), and approve a bunch of application. Of course, consult an Immigration lawyer to see if you can withdraw and re-use the same application (140) later. If not, withdraw and start a new GC (using current 140 as basis for priority date) -- you could even get a EB2 classification.


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  • vghc
    03-01 12:09 AM
    u shud have tried the smuggling from any other country say thailand or singapore.. then u would not have come here crying.. now get lost :mad::mad::mad:

    LOL!!! those countries, as mine, if you are caught with that much drugs, you will be crying all the way to the gallows. :D

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  • arnab221
    02-11 10:10 AM
    On one hand we have VLD Rao crunching numbers like CRAY XMP and telling that EB2 will be close to current by End of the Year . On the other hand Mapadpa now says that the movement will be slow . I am a mere mortal and i am confused to the core on what to make of it ,


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  • BharatPremi
    11-30 03:18 PM
    Forward discriminatory job posting to "" for corrective action by Dice.

    Conversation with Dice:

    Hi xxxxxxxxx,

    We actively monitor the site for discrimination and address them on an
    individual basis. It is the responsibility of the employer to not
    discriminate in their postings and many of them do not realize that they
    are being discriminatory. We are constantly working with employers to
    make sure they are in compliance with the EEOC guidelines to give them a
    heads up as the Justice Department is also monitoring the job boards. As
    you can imagine, this is a never ending task.

    If you find a particular posting, please forward the posting to us at
    "" and we will address it.

    Since the employers are responsible for their own postings, you will not
    receive a reply from our legal department as we are not liable.

    Have a great day!

    xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Customer Compliance Specialist
    Dice, Inc.
    Phone: 1-888-xxx-xxxx xyyyy
    Fax: 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx

    -----Original Message-----
    From: xxxxxxxxx
    Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2006 2:42 AM
    To: xxxxxxxx
    Subject: Contact Dice Message

    First Name:xxxxxxxxx
    Last Name:xxxxxxxxx

    Many of the job advertisements on DICE start with a restriction - US
    citizen only, USC or GC only etc ... Only some of these advertisements
    genuinely require a security clearance and hence applicable to US
    citizens only. Rest of the advertisements are *** DISCRIMINATORY *** for
    foreign nationals. Definitely this is a fertile ground for class action
    suit by a competent attortney. Please ensure your clients follow the
    law. Do not let law breakers post on your web site by coming up with
    some point system and penalizing the offenders by removing their ad or
    banning them after repeat offenses.

    Please look at EEOC web site (specifically foreign nationals section) to
    understand current law. I will be waiting for reply from your legal
    team, before I take any further action.

    Do you really have a proof (legal content) that demanding "Only US CItizens /Green card holders will only be considered" OR " We do not process H1B work Visa" would be agianst the US law? I do not think so.. If you have please point us the finger.

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  • solaris27
    07-22 08:03 PM
    but for safer side try to work for 6 months .



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  • lazycis
    11-30 06:42 PM
    FYI: The number of name check related lawsuits increased 10 times from January 2006 to January 2007 :) I estimate the total number for this year will be 3-4 times bigger than 2006 number.

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  • snathan
    04-29 10:44 PM
    ...........and the point you're trying to make is???

    If you don't want a GC, why are you on this forum and making anti-GC statement. A pro-GC person would agree with this statement unequivocally.

    Read my statement again and tell where I am saying anything against GC...since you said no other country is charging the immigrants for border security....I am saying US is the only country which gives millions GCs every when you compare there is no comparison...


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  • greenlight
    05-12 03:26 AM
    I am EB-3 ROW, and my PD has been current since March 2008.
    I am wondering if anyone had to interview before their green card was approved? If so, please share your experience as well.

    Thank you and congratulations.

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  • clove
    07-04 04:20 PM
    wasted on medical exam : 760$;
    wasted on mental tension and frustration : priceless

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  • Jaime
    05-26 09:36 AM

    Those are good points. We are not all Indian or Chinese on this website and in my case I moved to the US because of insecurity in my country (got kidnapped twice). If I went back there I could have a top job with a top company (and have had many offers) but that is not a place where I'd like to raise a family.

    Before the US I almost moved to China, but then I got the US job offer. I now have the Canada option, but I wouldn't mind moving to India. I have lots of Indian friends and I think Indians are easily one of the very nicest people in the world while being smart too (not conceited), plus they speak English. (Nothing against China, but it would take me at least 3 years to learns OK Chinese)

    Anyone have any advice about finding a job in India? (I am serious) I have to have options since my home country is not an option, and in case Canada doesn't work for me. If anyone can give me information on moving to India I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

    01-11 09:51 PM
    1) Try state group insurance
    Texas and for that matter every state has a group insurance coverage for folks
    who donot get coverage from any other insurance provider.

    This is a coverage that you will get for sure, only document you will need is a written paper from insurance company that one cant be insured.

    Check the state insurance board website.

    2) check free clinics, these clinics will provide complete care ( you can pay them if you like)if you dont thats fine too. I suggest paying them if you can even if its a bit high, as someone who cant afford may one day get to use this service too.

    3) Ask yours employer's insurance agent, group insurances gurantee insurance.

    Donot worry, life works in interesting ways. As last resort one can go to home country for delivery.

    donot worry.

    Thank you very much. I don't have group insurance so cannot to my employer. Bought individual insurance and they said that they would not cover maternity.

    I will try to explore your option tomorrow.

    Thank you very much.

    I know that I can over come this hurdle and also could suggest other friends (who have this problem) with what I found out.

    Life cannot stop for these small problems.

    Life has to go on and on..

    Hope we all will reach to the destination very soon, I mean get our green cards very soon. And to reach our destination one should not sacrifice the goals and life decisions just for GC.

    I wish good luck to one and all.

    Thank you very much!

    07-17 09:33 AM
    can you post a link please?

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