Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • Guig0
    02-04 11:06 AM
    some use m$paint, others photoshop or fireworks.

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  • permfiling
    11-02 09:11 PM

    The law seems to have changes due to AC21, I don't think we can get any actual data of any one who got his GC after AC21 and has already converted to citizenship.

    It would be really great if IV can contact USCIS and get an official guideline on this topic.


    There are ppl who moved 2 or 3 months after getting GC and have got their USC

    AC21 N400 Cases - 2010 (

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  • sushilup
    11-10 12:47 PM

    I am also July23 filer. Transfer TSC - CSC Finally NSC.
    Today, I got FP for my wife for Dec-01 (Saturday:confused:).

    Hoping, mine will also come soon.

    One more thing...we called USCIS on 23rd Oct separately. They didn't open SR. My IO or Cust Rep said wait [more time-no timeline] and u will get ur FP notice. On the other hand my wife's IO or Cust. Rep said you get in two weeks. Now I see that her FP was issued on 5th Nov (2 weeks timeline).

    goood luck all

    as far as I know USCIS haven't published any FP related time lines.

    hope everyone will receive FP notice soon

    good luck :)

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  • dan19
    04-13 11:11 AM
    USCIS didnt announce that..Any links to the announcement?

    No visa bulletins till October2007
    Thats what USCIS announced 2 weeks back
    So stay cool:)


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  • Alabaman
    11-19 03:31 PM
    The best thing to ask for is a "time factor". If you have been in the US LEGALLY for a certain number of years (say 5 years), then you can apply for a Green Card (GC). That way people who have put some roots here over time will be able to become permanent residents. It also provides an incentive to immigrants to stay in status.

    Why should there be a time factor from "GC" to "Citizenship" and none from visas like H1 to "GC"? It doesnt make sense! After all, I would think it should be harder to become a Citizen than to becoming a GC holder.

    US should look up north to their Canadian neighbours for a good immigration system. A point system too would not be bad. It can determine how deep you have put down roots and then give you GC based on that.

    Take for example, someone educated in the US, has been working on H1B for 4 years and with three kids that are American Citizens, and posses two properties in the US. It doesnt make any sense for that person not be able to becomoe a PR. Infact if he loses his job today, he's shown the door... that same day.

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  • satishku_2000
    07-13 03:49 PM
    Should we be worried about the DREAM ACT?
    Only if you have kids who are old enough ot age out ... I dont have kids but I can support the bill if the bill caters to dreams of legal kids too ..


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  • Sakthisagar
    10-28 09:49 AM
    Yes I agree, our history and way of working is also different maybe better/worse, but defenitely way more experience! I don't think I would want to change any thing about family , friend relations and the way we help each other. Even some of the ways we think, has a lot of advantages.
    we always manage to get things done. There are a lot of unseen riches that are not realized completely.
    we should defenitely avoid aping the west, but pick the good stuff out of it.
    being open minded and having freedom of expression is good up to a certain point!

    There is freedom and education even in India, I agree infrastructure needs improvement.
    India is 3rd in the world if you account for purchasing power parity. Don't trash India so soon. have you looked at how people lived in the US 40-50 years back? While I agree Indian IT should do more quality work and treat employees fairly. He no longer works with Infy, he just made generic comments.

    There is no freedom and especially education in India. in US even if you are a 60 year old you can join a university but in India things are different. Freedom, what kind of freedom you are talking about. with the political idiots creating havocs for high thinking people. Hey come to reality do not dream
    This time is different, I do work in the financial industry.
    I would hate to say this - but was every recovery in the last 2 decades mostly due to a bubble that was created - dot-com, low interest, housing?
    There are not many bubbles left to create, and the debt was never this high.

    Recovery is bloked mainly do to Politics understand that first.

    The growth of India should be more compared to Canada, that has a conservative financial system with lot of regulation. AKA no vegas.

    Again never compare Canada with India, India is Unique and I am not putting my Motherland on Trash, You are in a way doing that, by comparing it with Canada and USA.
    STOP religious Conversion and propoganda all over the world all the countries will live happily.

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  • Sheila Danzig
    02-25 03:23 PM
    I did post about this. We have seen professor's expert opinion letters showing the equivalency to the MA being approved. However, the evidence does point to an equivalency to a BA.

    Sheila -

    You have not responded to my post so far.

    How can CA/ICWA be equivalent to MS programs as they are post high school courses? These courses do not require graduation for admission.

    Have a good day!


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  • fundo14
    02-21 01:34 AM
    Thanks for the reply...
    Initially I too got the same doubt that it could be a prank from my friend. But the name of the person who called me matches with the name of the person who visited my employer's office around 2 months back. After I got a call from ICE officer, I notified the same to my employer and explained about the call.
    Really donno what to do.... Even though the ICE officer took prior appointment for visiting me, should I still contact attorney?

    Never heard of this before...are you by any chance employee of any of the companies named in H1B visa fraud last week?

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  • ragarwala
    08-12 08:33 AM
    Masterji, Did you get your greencard in hand yet.


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  • freeindia
    06-20 08:20 PM
    I strongly support this campaign.
    Also, I would check with my friends about their support.
    Would it be a good idea to mention the costs/efforts involved in this visa stamping tours.
    Especially, all dependents including infants/kids need to go either to canada or India forcing to loose 3-4 days of vacation.
    Neither of party's ( US gov nor Visa aspirants) are gaining any benefit.

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  • smisachu
    05-15 12:18 PM
    Yes. Everyone please contact your state chapters. IV is running a massive effort and we need all the help we can.
    Members from NY/NJ/CT, please join the yahoo group. Murli and others are leading a strong campain. We need more support.

    Always check with your state chapters.
    State chapter leaders are more aware of our work than what we post on the forum for public.
    There is lot of activity going on at this time. Everyone must join their state chapters to actively participate in IV effort.

    There maybe some more news today. Hopefully... Stay tuned.


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  • walking_dude
    11-21 03:29 PM
    Our community needs to get this - We [through non-participation] are the problem, not others.

    If folks had turned up in DC rally in 10,000-20,000, if equal number thousands had written letters to their Congressmen, if all of them had visited local offices, if hundreds of them had visited DC offices - we would have succeeded by now. Steve King or not.

    We did nothing, except make those last minute calls. We gave the lawmakers suggestion for solution (pass HR xxxxx), without bothering to educate them what the problem is and how many are impacted. Results were there for everyone to see, Horses bill was put for discussion before ours, making it very easy for Mr. King to do his dirty work.

    We shouldn't be complaining. I bet the horse lovers (animal rights activists) were more active and successful in educating the lawmakers than our community. Hence they got the precedence.

    Point is there will be lawmakers like Rep King and Sen Sessions, who'll oppose any visa increase or recapture, rain or sunshine. There are also lawmakers who are sympathetic to us to balance them out. Our biggest hurdle is other lawmakers who don't have a stand on the issue. They are the majority and their vote can go either way. Our biggest hurdle is to reach out to these lawmakers, explain our problems and convince them that a sufficiently large number of their constituents are impacted.

    If we succeed in doing that, our battle is won. No King or Sessions can stop us.

    Good job on bringing this back to fire.

    But one sad thing that Steve king of Iowa got reelected and he is ready to filibuster.

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  • yabadaba
    05-22 03:06 PM
    They are saying that all those people who were illegal before 1st of Jan 2007 are eligible for Z visa. We all are currently in legal status.
    u can easily get an affadavit from someone with a business that says u worked there for a period of x days while ur h1 was with yyy company... that puts u into an illegal category too.

    i m growing some tomatoes this summer....maybe i can get additional points if i grow them for 100 days every year and then after another 5 yrs i can get some more points in the new merit based system


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  • psaxena
    05-29 08:00 PM
    Guys go to this website and sign up and vote yes for this bill.

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  • mariner5555
    11-21 04:50 AM
    I also work in a IT consulting position but still decided to go ahead and buy a home in St Louis back in September 2007. My 485/EAD/AP was filed in August 2007 and EAD approved a few weeks back. However despite my current situation, I believe buying a home was a wise decision considering the kind of lifestyle and security it provides for you and your family. I know a lot of my friends who decided to take the plunge and bought houses though they were working on H1 and have their GCs pending for a few years.
    Taking a plunge now on EAD is like drowning yourself. prices have not yet come down and will come down by 15-20 % over 5 years. there is talk about recession , job losses and more foreclosures. if you dont need the space ...DONT BUY. most of us dont need more space unless we have 2-3 grown kids who need their own rooms. renting is not same as throwing away money as you get a place to live. how does buying a home give you security is more of a hassle if you are on EAD or H-1 and you need mobility after a job is lost. my friend who has good worldly experience rightly said ..buying a house now is like worrying about one more thing in life.


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  • looivy
    07-13 05:57 PM
    It for illegal folks.

    The Senate is currently considering the FY 2008 Department of Defense Authorization (H.R. 1585). Senators Specter and Leahy have offered the Habeas Corpus Restoration Act as an amendment to the bill; and Senators Durbin, Hagel, and Lugar are planning to offer the DREAM Act as an amendment. Call your senators now and urge them to vote YES on these amendments!

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  • java_jaggu
    06-05 01:18 PM
    What I don't understand is it's not mandatory to inform the USCIS about moving to a different job via AC-21. If you are not required to inform them, then where does the question of AC-21 approval arise ?

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  • Sheila Danzig
    02-25 01:44 PM
    You can only use experience IF it is for EB3 AND EVEN THEN ONLY IF it so states on the labor certificate.

    However, I have seen a few that have slid by the adjudicators. But the chances are very very slim and I have seen cases picked up later on if it was incorrectly approved ... but not always.

    I'm certain you cannot do that. While applying for H1B Visa, you can use experience in lieu of education, but while Perm/I140, they consider only 1 degree. Either its Masters or its Bachelors...even both of them are not considered as aggregates.

    If your attorney is planning that way, he may not have handled such cases before... :eek:

    You cannot substitute degree with experience while applying for Perm/I140.

    07-31 12:14 PM
    guys cool down it took them till end of May about 2 months to issue all receipt notices for H1 filed on Apr 2 this year. With the whole yes-no-yes situation this month they are definitely backlogged. Lets just wait till we actually get the receipts .

    there is no point in calling names.

    02-11 12:17 AM
    Please contribute

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