Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • niklshah
    08-27 10:57 AM
    SC: Nebraska
    RD: 06/16
    FP: 07/11
    RFE 07/30
    RFE received 08/04
    RFE response sent and received by uscis 08/07
    Expedite request 08/15
    Expedite request accepted 08/19
    Current EAD expires Sep 26

    How did you put the expedite request? did u call? did they take the edpedite request before 90 days of your filling? what did u tell them to put in the request? Pls help i am in same mess too file on june 2nd...

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  • plp039
    10-02 01:35 PM
    my lawyers filed for AOS (for my wife and me) on july 2nd in NSC. still dont have any reciepts/ead/ap etc. i have no idea why. my i-140 was approved in TSC. i was hoping that i'd get the reciepts since everyone seems to be getting them!


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  • eilsoe
    02-02 06:38 PM
    well, if it hasn't been a rule in the other battles, then by all means VOTE AWAY :P


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  • xbohdpukc
    03-18 01:49 PM
    Hello Everybody
    This is my first post. I worked my ass off to get a favorable
    solution for retrogression during the budget bill. But as everyone knows it was defeated in the house reconcilation. I'm not being pessimistic but my gut feeling is that eventhough senate comes with something, the chances are slim that the house would agree to it. Sensenbrenners bill which house passed has no provisions for EB immigrants and backlogs. I'm pretty sure all of you are aware of Mr. Tancredo's fury against immigrants too.

    Having said that I dont mean we have no way out. We have to work very very hard. We have to raise money and do some hard lobbying. But above all we have to get our employers to back this issue. With all of the above reasons I think it might be a very bad idea to guess we would have any favorable legislation in a shorter span of time. So we have to plan something for a longer period of time and execute it very diligantly, I guess.
    I think Immigrationvoice is on the right path... Lets face it people!!!


    EB immigrants are not a hot political issue with the House, when the illegals are. Nowhere do the house representatives, except Tancredo and the likes, voiced their opposition to expanding EB immigration and providing some sort of relief for people caught in the backlog. I believe that the immigration provisions were dropped from S.1932 just because it was a wrong bill. The pork got chopped off and this pork was too easy to compromise as there were much more important issues to fight for, like drilling in Alaska and Medicare. This bill IS about immigration issues and is about border security issues as well. The fact that Frist's bill drops the very controversial guest worker program can be considered as both a good and a bad thing. It is good since the bill will sail more smoothly through the Senate and hopefully the conference. On the other hand it is bad since Senate representatives in the conference now will not have this guest worker program to trade and drop when House reps will demand to drop something off the bill. To my understanding the way the conferences work, they need to meet somewhere in the middle in between the versions of the bill and since we have the very minimalistic bill passed by the House it is the Senate which will need to compromise and drop provisions from its bill.
    But taking the guest worker program off the bill is a good start I guess.


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  • hiralal
    04-23 07:48 AM
    friends ..are we giving up before even trying ??? this is the least that we can do ..just write that you are a skilled legal immigrant with american kids. you have followed all the rules for 6-8 years ..waiting for a GC so that you can buy a house (or if you have a house then there is a danger that it will go in foreclosure because of GC delays) ..few minutes is all that is needed

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  • mbartosik
    02-25 10:52 PM
    my new total 105 ish
    maybe a few more this week.

    If anyone wants about 50 hand addressed envelops to President then PM me.


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  • GCInThisLife
    07-19 02:43 PM
    Let me correct it.. I read somewhere that it is considered not a major problem if some one is out of status for less than 180 days cumulatively.

    Sorry you answer is not clear to me. You mean I was out of status and I will have problem at 485 stage?

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  • vbkris77
    11-26 06:34 PM
    As DOS has posted the NVC backlog numbers as on November 1, 2009, if the core team look at it and update the analysis. This data is not categorized via month but still may be helpful in prediction.

    In my view CP Data published doesn't help much here are the reasons. They need to publish the data in the same lines of CIS.

    1. For EB2 3K visas doesn't change the dynamics.

    2. For EB3 adding 20K visas will slow things more. But beyond that we can't say anything else.

    3. ROW EB3 will be slow and Philippines will be dead slow.

    The biggest thing that CIS/State needs to understand is that for EB2, they are going to pass 2007 Fiasco cutoff in the spillover and may waste the numbers.

    We need to let them start a long term planning and make sure they don't waste visas. It is unfortunate that State thinks CIS can process all the AOS applications in a calendar quarter in most cases and in a month in some cases during end of year scenario. State needs to include DOL statistics and CIS processing bottlenecks to advance the dates. It is unfortunate that none of these agencies can sort their applications on date correctly.


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  • tnite
    07-04 05:26 PM
    Medical - 350
    Gas - 100
    Photos - 60
    Xerox - 50
    Affidavits - 200
    Hotel in NJ - 100
    Paralegal Fees - 700

    I flushed $1560 down the USCIS toilet

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  • gk_2000
    07-29 01:57 AM
    Just listened to it from home.
    God help us if such ignoramuses are at the helm of decisionmaking


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  • raamskl
    07-31 08:48 PM
    How did you get the LIN number for this case?

    Hm.. I was thinking that these are random #'s that I had typed in earlier and which IE had saved in the form box. But now I think about it, I believe i got these numbers from this forum on some thread long time back.. Don't know which one, I have edited the post now to mask the LIN #.


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  • styrum
    01-19 06:46 PM
    Sent mine today, asked three imm. lawyers I personally know to forward the link to their clients, asked all my US friends to sign.


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  • abhijitp
    09-21 03:40 PM
    What has this rally given us?

    Well, I can tell you that whoever flew in/ drove in/ walked 4 miles between noon and 2:30pm is convinced of the need for an organized and peaceful battle against the unfair and broken green card process. The 1000 souls that showed up on that day, besides those who pitched in any way to help them, will find sending webfaxes and meeting their lawmakers (locally) to be a piece of cake. Once that happens, things can only get better for us as a community!

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  • MightyIndian
    02-10 11:30 PM
    a FP appointment notice.

    Since I am a July 07 filer like many others, it may indicate that they are dusting the apps to generate FP notices?

    I got the e-mail as well. But what FP notice would they generate now? What for?


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  • yabadaba
    07-02 03:15 PM
    medical tests - $540 (total for me + wife)

    fedex - at least $100 (3-4 over night packages)

    lawyer fees- company (no idea)

    photographs ($0.18) - (digital printing)

    mileage to doctor (3 round trips) - 180 miles

    points on my master card - priceless

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  • NYC001
    03-16 12:32 PM


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  • cc123
    09-19 02:05 PM
    Filed at NSC on July 2nd 2007. Got EAD/AP approval notices and receipts/transfer notices from CSC last week. No FP notice yet.

    There are several in my company in the same situation..NSC->CSC and now CSC Xfr'd back to NSC. No one has rcvd FP notice. I think August 17th filers at NSC are ahead of us now and we are at the tail of the queue one more time.

    The only advantage of CSC transfer is if you need EAD/AP desperately. if you don't then it's just bad luck.

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  • ravi98
    11-05 11:59 AM
    But he doesn't have any voice,,,

    Says who?
    We don't even advocate for anything, just post things on the forum. IV has given us immigrants a platform - many of us don't even know it, let alone using it.

    If we want to stay in this country, we need a president who can take this country progressively to the future instead of "lets take the country back" "this is not the country I grew up in" rhetoric! If this country goes backwards in time while the rest of the world embraces progress - guess what? - No use having a GC here.

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  • gcseeker2002
    08-25 05:56 AM
    By law Employer is required to pay for your labor. You cannot pay for your labor application. Employer can ask you to pay for your I140 which cost around 400 but if you go for premium processing you can pay 1000 extra. There is no other cost involved. To port your date your lawyer sends a letter to USCIS requesting them to consider your EB2 I140 instead of your Eb3 140 which results in your successfuly porting with your priority date still being maintained from old labor

    Thanks for the info. But is it really true that by law employer is required to pay for labor ? I think it used to be that only h1b expenses are required to be paid by employer.

    Also, most companies ask for agreements to repay them if we dont stay with them for few years for filing greencard . Is these agreements legal if they ask to repay labor fees ?

    06-24 01:32 PM
    Source: Frank Sharry: Memo to the President: Yes, Move Immigration Reform This Year (

    On June 25th, President Obama is convening a bi-partisan meeting to discuss the prospects for moving on comprehensive immigration reform later this year. If he asked me about the politics of immigration reform in this economic climate, this is the memo I would send to him:

    Mr. President, with so many challenges facing America, is it too much to tackle immigration reform this year?

    Reform advocates point to the pledge you made on the campaign trail, to make immigration reform a "top priority in my first year." Yet skeptics argue that the economic crisis makes your campaign promise moot. They believe you should delay immigration legislation and focus on the economy and your other legislative priorities. While addressing immigration may seem to be heaping another issue onto an already-full plate of priorities, there are four compelling reasons for you to move forward with reform this year.

    First, the public support for immigration reform is growing stronger notwithstanding the conventional wisdom advanced by the political class. For a big majority of Americans, the failure to address immigration is a symbol of Washington's failure to confront and solve tough problems. Comprehensive immigration reform - the key elements of which require strong enforcement at the borders and in the workplace, coupled with a mechanism for unauthorized immigrants to get legal, learn English and pay taxes - is viewed by the majority of Americans as the most practical approach to addressing this complicated problem.

    And in this economic downturn, voters are actually more supportive of immigration reform than at any other time. As pollster Celinda Lake tells it, "voters are very focused on finding solutions to our problems. They support comprehensive immigration reform as a practical, common-sense solution and have no patience for politicians who want to point fingers and score points rather than fix the problem."

    The evidence for this point of view is growing. A Washington Post/ABC News poll showed 61% support for giving undocumented immigrants the right to live in the U.S. "if they pay a fine and meet other requirements," a 12% increase since 2007. The Pew Research Center recently found that 63% of respondents supported a pathway to citizenship, up 5% from 2007.

    In polling conducted in May by Pete Brodnitz of Benenson Strategies for the organization I direct, 64% of voters support comprehensive immigration reform before it is described, and a whopping 86% support comprehensive reform after it is described. In response to a head-to-head question that pits comprehensive reform against the enforcement-only approach favored by most Republicans and some conservative Democrats, comprehensive wins 67% to 31%. Among those voters who describe themselves as undecided for the 2010 Congressional elections, they not only favor comprehensive reform at the same levels as Democratic voters, by a 69% - 28% they want their elected leaders to tackle immigration reform this year.

    The second reason you should move forward is that your commitment to move on immigration reform has created enormous expectations in the Latino community. Your campaign promise was a galvanizing factor in motivating Latinos - especially Latino immigrant voters - to turn out in record numbers in 2008 and swing decisively to the Democratic column. These new voters helped flip at least four states that voted for George W. Bush in 2004 to Obama states in 2008 (Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada).

    While some like to point out that polls of Hispanics put issues related to the economy as higher on the priority list than immigration reform, the fact is that Immigration reform is a defining issue for Latinos the way civil rights is for many African-American voters, choice is for many female voters, and Israel is for many Jewish voters. For example, in a recent poll of Latino voters conducted by Bendixen and Associates on behalf of America's Voice, 82% called the issue personally important and 87% said they would not consider voting for a Congressional candidate who favors forcing most of those in the U.S. illegally to leave the country. Moreover, expectations are sky-high: three out of four Latino voters expect you to keep your pledge to move on immigration reform in the first year.

    The third reason you should move forward is that fixing immigration is a critical component of fixing the economy. Immigration reform will benefit American taxpayers by requiring workers and their employers to get legal and comply with their tax obligations; it will benefit American workers whose wages and working conditions are depressed by unscrupulous employers who exploit unauthorized workers; and it will benefit law-abiding employers currently undercut by bad-actor competitors by significantly reducing the incentive to underpay workers and pay them off the books in order to win business. As for increased revenues, get this: a Congressional Budget Office study of a legalization component included in the 2006 McCain-Kennedy bill projected increased revenues over 10 years totaling $66 billion. Not bad at a time of squeezed budgets.

    Finally, the moral stakes are high and getting higher. How we as a nation deal with illegal immigration has become a defining moral issue for our nation. Ultimately, the question we face is this: are we going to allow hardliners who want nothing less than the expulsion of millions of immigrant families already living in our communities to dominate the debate? Or are we going to live up to our tradition as both a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws and write a new chapter in the American story of how including "them" makes for a stronger "us?"

    Immigration reform will not be easy, and yet, this is the kind of big issue that led you to proclaim the fierce urgency of now and run for President.

    This is your kind of fight, Mr. President. History is calling.

    02-20 05:09 PM
    I am trying to figure out the impact of this ruling on the current usage of visa numbers.

    I am from ROW so I would like to see how many more from ROW would demand visa numbers due to this new ruling.

    Obviously this is important to India and China as well because the only way these two categories would get more visa numbers is from ROW overflow this year as these categories have used up most of their visa numbers for the year.

    If I understand correct ROW 1 overflows to ROW 2 and ROW 3 and when ROW 3 current Over flow over to India/China

    Any ideas guys??

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