Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • mrdelhiite
    07-06 07:44 PM
    looks like the synopsis and the newscaster says the complete interview will be broadcast tommorrow

    name of the post is "local doctor denied greencard" on main page

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  • Aah_GC
    12-18 11:24 AM
    Guys, Just wondering if I would need a copy of my Perm and I140 while invoking AC21. I do have a copy of the I140 but my desi employer would not support me in any way. Please let me know.

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  • reddysn
    05-29 06:15 PM
    ramus you got good sense of humor man ....I could not stop laughing ..

    After reading this I am not sure if I can ask you send web-fax..

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  • bidhanc
    03-21 02:15 PM
    I am in NYC. Shall we team up?
    Yes, we should.
    I am a little late on this "meet the lawyers" drive.
    Do we have any more people around here from NY?



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  • Lisap
    08-22 12:08 PM
    So the attorney sent the package before you were actually current?

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  • Soul
    02-03 06:35 PM
    Hey stop selling yours Eilsoe! lol

    I worked really really hard on mine! :P

    Heheh :bad: (and it took a really long time! :beam: )

    - Soul :goatee:


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  • addsf345
    01-09 02:55 PM
    Also I agree what Logiclife said when it comes to payments..

    I went thru COBRA for the last 2 months I tell you its a PAIN IN THE A##.
    Yeah premiums are very high. due to some gross miscommuniation on the provider they cancelled my COBRA for december since they didnt recieve payment.

    ONce you quit our current job, you will get within 7-10 days details from ur current insurance cpmpany or a third party administrator which ur company uses. They will also send a payment coupon. (not a discount coupon..).

    I hope your new company is paying the COBRA reimbursements for you...if not there is a loop hole in COBRA taht you can use and NOT pay the payments since you will have grace period. HOWEVER please keep in mind that the new insurance with your new company may have some restrictions on pre existing keep an eye on that..since its for 30 days you will get on to a new insurance personally I wouldnt care for CBORA if the premiums are too high, why becuase, remember the coverage is RETROACTIVE, so you can get a claim reimbursed later after within the grace period

    references for you
    (good and clear one above)

    hope this helps and good luck in ur new jobb...remember to hcange the ADDRESS woth you insurance company...

    Thank you, logiclife and everyone for your inputs. This thread contains really useful information for anyone going through either job change or job loss circumstances.

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  • indianindian2006
    04-13 03:50 PM
    Looking at this latest bullet from USCIS it feels that Eb3 and even Eb2 Indians and illegals have only hope in CIR.What a sad state for indians.


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  • rameshk75
    02-12 03:45 PM
    Thanks Shana04.

    Can you pls mail me your contact details as i would like to talk to you for a while..if it's fine with you.. my email id is


    I have responded the same to "kishdam "

    I was in the same situation as yours.

    Just file H1B with different company but with same job title and jobe code.

    Then ask your attorney to send AC21, it is just a letter with new offer letter.

    Good luck

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  • nozerd
    12-12 04:53 PM
    Whats surprising to me is that EB3 ROW didnt move at all.

    Anyway even if its 2 weeks progress for EB3 India its at least a glimmer of hope for those with PD's in 2001 like myself.


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  • jungalee43
    03-18 04:02 PM
    As already reported if SJC can send their bill on March 27, their bill would replace the bill braught by Sen. Frist. We all know that Frist bill is more positive than Specter mark? Should we start sending faxes to SJC to include identical EB provisions as Frist bill in SJC bill also?

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  • kaizersoze
    03-21 02:11 PM

    Per lawmaker we recently met(WA state), it is imperative that we also get our message across to lawmakers in the midwest and south.

    Due to resident strength and businesses employing H1B people(who end up getting stuck in retrogression) in the west and east coasts and large metropolitan cities, the lawmakers in these areas are slightly more aware of our issues. They also get funding from local companies that employ people stuck in retrogression.

    However, representatives in the MIdwest and South do not get a lot of funding from local businesses that employ H1Bs and have other local issue that they would rather pursue(agriculture, etc.).

    It is imperative that awareness is spread in the midwest and south !!


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  • a1b2c3
    10-12 11:11 AM
    I do see your point about the unfairness of allowing the old PD. In that case, what do you say about the cross-chargeability provision ? I guess the percentage of people availing of that provision is small, but it does happen.

    For example, If you're from India and in EB3, but your spouse was born in a non-retrogressed country, you automatically jump to the earlier PD in your category, EB3-World in this case. Maybe the percentage of such cases is low, and hence there're no protests from the people waiting. I personally know of one colleague who had a later PD than me, but got the EB3-World PD since his spouse was born in Zambia. If EB3-World was current, he'd be green simply because his spouse was born in the "right" country.

    Unfair ?? Maybe - but it's legal and allowed. My point is that getting an older PD in both cross category and cross chargeability are allowed today and people will continue to avail of them is they can. As long as the USCIS doesn't have issues with that, applicants will attempt to migrate between categories and countries, during their im-migration process :) Couldn't help myself with that pun there :)

    Yes, your point is entirely valid. I didn't know about this cross-country provision. Another unfair provision.
    In fact, my point was that unfairness should be dealt with on all possible fronts. If the system works properly, nobody will need to do anything that is even remotely unfair.

    I have a strong gut feeling that 2009 would be a good year for EB3. They will start approving more cases I think.

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  • MDix
    02-11 03:19 PM
    Thanks for the link . After reading the doc your analysis does make sense.
    I am just confused that how they assigned 70K EB2 visas in 2008. Because EB2 share is
    40k + 4k(EB1 left over)+? how many FB = 70k . So from above it looks like all FB leftover went to EB2.

    Please clearify.


    Thanks for the comments. Its not my assumptions, it is the law.
    Please checkout how the spillovers between EB and FB are arrived. Here is the link


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  • hebron
    08-20 10:20 PM
    Hello Friends,

    As you might have guessed, I am on the EB3 bandwagon because of circumstances that were beyond my control [The filing attorney screwed up :( ]

    At the time of my EB3 filing (Feb. 2004) I did possess a Masters degree and more than 5 years of Work Experience and the job responsibility that my petition was filed for, did require a Senior worker with Masters experience. Unfortunately, things didn't go that way and here I am.

    I keep reading about some lucky souls [god bless their souls :) ] who have managed to retain their priority dates and converted to EB2.

    I really want to do that. I am not sure where to start.

    1. I used AC21 and took up a new job recently. Do I approach my new employer and talk to them to see whether they would be able to file my petition in EB2 category? The bad thing is, when I joined them, I told them I don't need any sponsorship or assistance from them. It would be a volte face to go back to them and request them to do something. And the best part is, there is no guarantee that my company would file my petition.

    2. Do I look for a new employment and if and when I clear the selection process, do I tell them that the only way I could join them is if they could file my EB2 petition? If they think that my services is a necessity, they might do it else they might look for other candidates. It s like throwing a dice.

    3. Do I look around for desi consulting companies that would file my EB2 and in return I work for them (using my EAD) through the EB2 petition/adjudication process. With this approach, the desi companies might do it, but like other people, I also think the reputation of these desi consulting companies is severely dented and there is all the more chance that the EB2 petition might get denied.

    Gurus...any help or advise or information is really appreciated.


    I would say all three options you listed in your post are good and worth pursuing in the order they are listed...i.e., talk to you current employer about EB2 and if they are not willing, look for a new employer who is willing to do EB2. I am not a big fan of option #3 as I have had bad experiences with my very first desi employer in US, but there may be good ones out there.

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  • texanmom
    08-28 05:40 PM
    I know this is not the right place..but I didn't know where else to post this. Sorry about that.

    Has the congresswoman been contacted for this rally? She would be a powerful voice to have on our side.

    I am sure the IV core team has thought about this...but I didnt read about it anywhere on the forums. If there is something, please point me to it.


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  • ragz4u
    03-16 10:42 AM
    We just received news that the Judiciary Committee hearings which were supposed to run until 1.00 pm today and also tomorrow have been postponed to March 27th. Apparently the deal is that the Judiciary Committee wants to put pressure on Senator Frist so that he does not introduce his version of the bill bypassing the committee...

    Will update as soon as we hear more...

    Not sure if this can be construed as good news or bad news! :(

    The slow pace at which this is unfolding might just lead to depression/suicidal tendencies!!

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  • aray
    04-01 04:30 PM
    Sent Fax# 10.

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  • missourian
    05-29 05:34 PM
    Just I got the success message, it's working!!!

    07-19 03:32 PM
    Tell Embassy that you need to file I485, so they will an earlier appointment.

    09-29 11:33 PM
    Hi folks,

    Need some help.
    During e-filing of AP, certify page has a TITLE field. Any ideas what needs to be filled in it ?
    I am filing I-131 for myself and spouse.


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