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  • belmontboy
    01-15 12:15 PM
    I heard from some of my friends that places like Detroit downtown,Arkansas,St.Louis,Tennessee, Louisiana are deadly dangerous.How far this is true?

    my friend, pretty much every place in US in unsafe.

    from the news: "The motive behind the killing is not known but Murthy, an official of the state-owned Bharast Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), quoted Vishal's friends as saying that some African Americans shot him after an altercation. "

    Not to disrespect the read, but people should realize what they are getting into before they get into arguments or brawl. This is not India.

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  • Project_A
    02-15 09:12 AM
    You did master in what?
    I checked the online Program offered by ISU, i didn't saw Masters in I.T

    Search for Continuing and Distance Education. Under College of Engineering, you will find several courses.
    - Master of Science in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering
    - Master of Science in Industrial Engineering
    - Master of Science in Information Assurance
    - Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
    - Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering

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  • ashkam
    05-13 12:51 PM
    When there is a overflow, I strongly feel that it should flow to all the categories and that is called equality. Some inefficient people in Decision making authority at USCIS framed a rule on visa overflow and they are following it. If the rule is not much logical/ethical to most of the people, then anyone can voice their rights against it.

    Just for example, a team consists of one project manager(EB1), two tech leads(EB2) and 6 Developers(EB3). The demand is based on no. of vacancies exists on the market, that means a lot of EB3, less EB2 and few EB1.
    As per this rule, USCIS is not actually feeding the hungry.
    Regarding the country quota, US is not favoring/helping the foreign countries by giving GC to those people from them. So, it makes no sense at all when it comes to immigrants but I can understand the bureaucracy behind it.
    If they are implementing the country limit then it should be like 0.00001% of that country's population, I feel.

    What are you talking about? There are a limited number of green cards each year. The US wants the best of the best to get these green cards. Therefore, more preference is given to those with a higher degree or more experience. What's unjust or unfair about that? The trick is to look at things from the American perspective and not from the immigrant perspective.

    And for the record, I am an EB3.

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  • thomachan72
    05-29 07:20 AM
    I found this interesting comment from a blog. It has been posted by an H.R. representative who has access to H1B and GC users' records. The points raised are indeed valid and they seem to have a 'case' against us. I do not by any means want to undermine our efforts but it does provide a perspective from the 'citizens' perspective.

    The bill would also drastically increase the number of H-1B visas issued to foreign professional workers. As a Human Resources representative, I see first hand how the H-1B visa and employment based green card programs actually work together to drive U.S. white collar workers from their jobs and even from their careers. To begin with, there is virtually nothing in the law that prevents employers from hiring H-1Bers for open positions even if qualified Americans are available and willing to do the work. Americans are routinely laid off and replaced with lower paid H-1Bers also. In these cases, Americans have practically no legal recourse available under current law. H-1B is also a dual intent visa, so an employer may sponsor an H-1Ber for an EB green card for legal permanent resident status. When a company seeks to sponsor a foreign worker for an EB green card, they are required by law to demonstrate a good faith effort to recruit Americans first. This process is called labor certification. But employers routinely game the labor certification process for green card sponsorship to defraud even well qualified citizen job applicants in favor of low wage foreigners. They use fake job ads and/or bad faith interviews of American citizens to convince the federal government that they tried to find American workers first. These practices are common in high tech and even in some non-tech industries, but HR people are told to keep quiet about it or lose their jobs.

    I would be in favor of a program that issues a small number of self-sponsoring green cards for truly innovative foreign nationals on a competitive basis. But very few of the H-1Bers or green card applicants that I have seen in 10+ years even come close to being truly innovative. Most are just practitioners with skills that are actually quite common among the domestic workforce. The only thing special about these foreigners is that they will work for substantially less than Americans in order to have a chance to become legal permanent residents. Thus they are used by management to sweeten corporate balance sheets.

    The prevailing wage regulations are supposed to insure that foreign nationals are paid the same as their American counterparts in the same job functions, but these regulations are so riddled with loopholes that they are a bad joke.

    Since my work allows me to have access to salary records, I can tell you that the labor cost savings for H-1Bers and green card applicants is substantially greater than the costs of filing the applications with the government.

    Citizens should demand that both the H-1B and employment based green card programs be abolished in their current form.

    My point is if we check our credentials, how many of us are 'true' innovators? I know I am not, I am an expert in what I do and am an asset to my company but I haven't filed any patents or publications which would be the true requirement for this country. My skills are indeed readily available in domestic workers as well. Could that be the reason for the backlog in EB-3 and none in EB-1? So do we need to do a reality check here? Just wondering if this could be the reason why we're getting a raw deal. Could it be that 'highly skilled' is not enough but 'genius' and 'highly skilled' is what's required here? Just a thought.
    Dont blame you for being concerned after reading this post. We at IV dont disagree that there are a few instances where infact below average skilled people are employed on H1bs. However, look around a little, talk to fellow foreigners (Indians/others) whom you meet somewhere and you will realize that they dont just supply cheap labor OK. They are indeed very qualified for the job they are put into. I know for example the job that I do CAN be done by an american citizen without any problem (if he /she is trained) but the fact is that, there is NOBODY around. REALLY there is nobody around. Now reg software, many of my software friends are highly talented individuals (not inovative in the sense you mean) without whom the industry will COLLAPSE and your HR person will have nobody to hire because he/she will have to go home. Remember also the fact that IT industry is now at a slowly developing phase and they need people to work for lower wages and cant survive to fill in all slots with the american worker who will want more money for lesser work time and that proves the HR persons point--work for lesser money (THAT INFACT IS THE MAJOR REQ FOR IT INDUSTRY AT PRESENT)


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  • Maverick_2008
    05-02 08:13 PM
    For upper middle class, OBC shouldn't matter much since you can afford to enroll your children in private schools and have them work in private sector once they reach an appropriate age. If they are US citizens, they can come back to the US anytime for education and/or employment.

    Talking of reservation and discrimination, what legal immigrants are facing in this country is not much different in my opinion. You can't even get your driver's license easily, let alone permanent residence. Most of us are here by choice even though we face all these issues in our daily life.


    Yes my note was for humor.
    But to answer questions :

    out of all useful land , I guess africa has lots of uninhabited land!, so someone would not mind selling! Its not to offend anyone. I have great respect for africans, being aware that we come from them!
    Me being an indian upper class guy, and this OBC thing going on back home, I dont think I belong to that country that much, where me/my children will be discreminated against!!!
    So dont you guys now think we need our OWN country???

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  • ragz4u
    03-22 08:37 AM
    This has been convered before in some thread and the admin was given a very very low figure for the revenues that could be generated with google ads


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  • sertha1
    06-24 03:15 PM
    Hi bitzbytz,

    How much are you paying and for how many paystubs? Are you planning to go out of country for stamping? I am in a similar situation.

    Did you got the visa stamping dates?


    what do you mean by fake pay stubs, can you please clarify.

    I am in process of generating pay stubs for my wife by paying the employer that she is covered for the un paid H1 period.

    Why will this cause problem

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  • belmontboy
    04-21 02:49 PM
    GC people is closer to citizenship and closer to get this permission.

    Visa is not permanent.

    Permission again???



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  • a.j.2048
    02-15 07:17 PM
    yea i hope USCIS completely cleanses the system and gets things back to the way it was pre - 2000

    except for mayb 5% of the bodyshoppers ( i could be wrong as i'm not frm IT , have friends who tell me etc) rest all 95% commit fraud to some degree or the other

    they need to be weeded out

    Look, the H1 quota was not sufficient even when it was set at 115,000 pre-2000. It was only when it was set to 195,000 in 2001 that the quota exceeded demand. Now thanks to the report by USCIS last year, we know that about 20% of the H applications had fraud or technical violations. Even if you assume that the USCIS does a perfect job and catches this 20%, the quota that will be freed up won't be enough for the rest of the applicants.

    The issues we face have less to do with fraud and more to do with the anti-immigration forces who dislike the 1965 immigration law. Claiming fraud, cheap labor, harm to the environment from increased population are just convenient means to couch opposition to permanent immigration in.

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  • priderock
    04-11 11:01 AM
    is the answer :-0). Remember in life you have to have an attitude of respecting others, if u think you need to be treated specially cause you have lived in America 10yrs then u would be definitely disappointed. A lot of my friends have relocated to India and I am too early next year. The only answer is attitude.

    But there are cases where you expect to be treated like a human , and you are not. That is the most difficult thing for some who returned and regret doing so.

    And it is a bigger dream (than dream about getting GC) to expect people to leave en masse .


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  • chaks7
    07-23 03:39 PM
    All NVC documents take 3-4 weeks before you get them. NVC sent Biographic forms data to my lawyer's office on July 2nd and they reached my lawyer's office last Friday. So it was approx. 3 weeks.

    Hope this helps you!

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  • GCplease
    10-05 03:41 PM
    Excellent news.

    Now we are getting support from both the parties.

    First the State Governors wrote a letter in favor of Legal High skilled Immigrants and now the GOP writes to the Dems in favor of Legal High skilled Immigrants. We can't ask for anything more than this. This is the right time.

    We should bang on people like Zoe Lofgren's doors and ask them to create a bill which would only deal with us - Legal High skilled Immigrants. I think all the immigration bills presently on the floor has both legal and illegal immigration and so it would be diificult to pass them. In this present atmosphere a bill on legal high skilled immigrants could easily pass.

    Core IV, please look into this and provide directions.


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  • Raju
    02-24 04:27 PM

    Thanks for your suggestion. I did query about the kind of advertising that we can do. It doesn't look like we'll get much money. Since most of the people are viewing the forums and forums typically have low advertising rates because people using them tend to be highly engrossed in the topic.

    Still thanks for your opinion.

    Admin and Eb_retrogression,
    Thanks for educating me on the advertising rates. I will try to urge my friends again. Looks like that is the best option.

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  • desi3933
    06-24 10:29 PM

    May be you're right. for the benefit of the others, can you provide more info, and any basis for your statements. This would be useful information to have for a lot of affected individuals. Is there any reference to INA or CFR that one could look up?

    the following are desi3933's comments:
    - sertasheep:Accruing over 180 days will entail a bar of 3 years for re-entry after the person leaves the US.
    - sertasheep: Accruing over 365 days will entail a bar of 10 years for re-entry after the person leaves the US.
    - desi3933: 3/10 year ban applies to unlawful presence only and NOT for out of status. If I-94 date is passed, only then person starts accumulating unlawful presence. There is a BIG distinction between unlawful presence and out of status.

    Yes, there is a distinction between if the I-94 date has expired, or if it is valid

    Sertasheep -

    Here is a link that has details about both both Out of Status and Unlawful Presence. Please note that 3/10 year ban applies only for Unlawful Presence case only.

    As per memo -
    Aliens Admitted Until a Date Certain: In general, an alien admitted until a specified date will begin to accrue unlawful presence either:
    * when the date on the I-94 (or any extension) has passed, or
    * if INS or an IJ makes a finding of a status violation, whichever comes first.

    Not a legal advice.
    Green Card holder since May 2002

    desi3933 at


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  • bostonqa
    06-18 11:14 AM
    They will send your application back to you.Maybe some experts can opine on this

    I'm not so sure about this.

    I think if they en-cash your checks, they owe you an EAD and AP.

    485 is a different story, they will hold your 485, but you should get an EAD and AP.

    again your case should be entered into there system, and you should get a Case Number.

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  • ivslave
    09-11 10:28 PM
    I am on H1-B, Can I buy 2 underwears? It will cost me 3 dollars in WalMart. Please is really critical!

    you will consult friends when you are making big decisions like this......


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  • badluck
    05-29 07:46 AM
    Each application could generate fines and fees of $1,000 to $5,000, a windfall of $10 billion to $15 billion over eight years, Homeland Security officials said. The money would dwarf revenue from a previously announced agency plan to increase fees on immigration and employment applications by 50 percent as early as next week, to raise $1 billion a year.
    What are you saying it is a SCAM.....

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  • thankgod
    06-03 12:20 PM
    Ronhia, I appreciate your comments. It needs conviction, dedication and consistent efforts to make such accomplishments. Moreover it also demonstrates the character of a person, who can motivate and inspire other kids in a positive way.. especially in an environment full of negative distractions.

    If spelling bee competition is considered merely as just cramming the dictionary, as you rightly said we need to really spend some time looking beyond your own shell.

    When you open a magazine, for sure, you tend to come across pages that may not be of interest to you. We skip the page and move on rather whining with words (yucky, stupid, senseless) that are inappropriate.

    "Winning a national competition is not so great"... again it depends on what is so great to you !!!..

    Cool baby cool.....

    You dont know english. Follow the complete thread and what we are talking here about.

    You guys go to a media portal and do all your appreciation there.

    Why do you bark here. This is meant for immigration purpose.

    Between loooks like you took the the help of word for spellings in your post.

    Thanks to Microsoft for making such a great tool.

    Happy Barking.

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  • god_bless_you
    03-28 08:07 AM
    Who ever go for testifying before congress should hightlight the USCIS mis use of VISA numbers during 2004 and 2005 by approving all latest cases and even though there are pending old cases
    so that it will not redo the same in future incase dates move forward??

    10-05 01:31 PM
    Thanks Dude.

    I have used your template to send my complaint to this misleading reference in their article.

    Sub: Misleading reference in your article

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    In your Online Edition the following section in a news item is misleading and misinforming.
    "HIGH-TECH EMPLOYERS get lift from House Republican letter to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of immigration bill to help "attract and retain" high-skilled workers. But in the poll, 56% of Republicans earning more than $75,000 annually would "strongly" or "partially" agree with candidate who would bar illegal immigrants from path to citizenship."

    High Tech Employers DO NOT employ "Illegal Aliens". All immigrants sponsored by employers are law abiding LEGAL immigrants. Your news item is defamatory and libelous to legal Highly Skilled Immigrants who have been waiting for years, some as long as 6-7 years.

    Please take corrective action to rectify the mistake ASAP.

    Thanks In Advance.

    Legally working in the US since 1998.

    I sent them my share of brickbats. Have you?


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    In your Online Edition the following section in a news item is misleading and misinforming.

    HIGH-TECH EMPLOYERS get lift from House Republican letter to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of immigration bill to help "attract and retain" high-skilled workers. But in the poll, 56% of Republicans earning more than $75,000 annually would "strongly" or "partially" agree with candidate who would bar illegal immigrants from path to citizenship.

    High Tech Employers DO NOT employ "Illegal Aliens". All immigrants sponsored by employers are law abiding LEGAL immigrants. Your news item is defamatory and libelous to legal Highly Skilled Immigrants who have been waiting for years, some as long as 6-7 years.

    Please take corrective action to rectify the mistake ASAP.

    Thanks In Advance.


    07-14 06:13 PM
    Ok paskal, just because you are saying so. Otherwise, posts from the paid employees of these guys are very aggravating. These guys are making the situation worst and provoking guys like me to respond. I will not respond if these idiots will stop singing songs about the greatness of these opportunist guys who were no where seen in last 2 years. Now all of a sudden, when something is happening in the media, rather than joining the cheerleading squad, these hypocrites have emerged from a black-hole claiming to be champions of this community. Idiots…..

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