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  • mrsahaayam
    03-15 09:58 PM
    Thank you La_guy and others....

    Do they ask me regarding this at the POE? In what forms do I have to fill the info? I am not sure, as one of you suggested, if they ask we will tell them. But does this record appear in their computer screen and if we did not mention to them, will it be treated as another crime?

    God please help me , It's THE WORST thing ever I did and been trhu a painful experience

    Thank you guys........

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  • miththoo
    11-07 04:26 PM
    I have a trading account with IB, which I opened about 3 years ago. But now they need all trading account holders to provide their PAN information. They can not sell or purchase without that. My account is also in a suspended state becaus eof that(Good that I could not sell them,,, they are all about 3 times now :) )

    I've applied for PAN and asked IB to provide info on what I need to do to convert my regular account to an NRI account.

    Thanks but were you able to trade in Indian shares using that account after you came to USA ? I heard it's illegal to trade using the normal demat account in you are NRI from USA.

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  • h1techSlave
    02-24 07:42 PM
    wasn't the flower campaign an 'effort by IV'?

    Any way, I think you don't need IV's (for that matter any organization's support) to file a law suit. If you think USCIS is breaking the law, you can file a law suit with the help of a lawyer. A couple of $100 is all that would cost you.

    Care to tell me how?

    It was lawsuit filed by AILA, efforts by IV and other groups that reversed the decision. Gandhigiri in this country has very little value. This country works on laws/court system. We need to get laws to help us and we need support groups like IV to make that happen. Or else we can pray to God to shower some green.

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  • cnachu2
    02-23 08:08 AM
    Thank you to both of you for responding. I entered in to US 5 years ago and i am here since then.


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  • rkg000
    08-26 06:22 PM
    regarding FP, there are cases where no FP notice came after July 2007 filing, like mine, thats more than 15 months. And recenlty my friend's wife who applied as his dependent got FP notice, but he didn't. He's july 2007 filer too. So, not sure if FP notice really means anything.

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  • malibuguy007
    04-01 07:38 PM
    Zen, the point is very simple. If you believe in this organization and what it does then you will donate knowing that IV needs the money to lobby for you, me and everyone else who is part of the community.

    Lobbying is a very sensitive issue and it is not always possible for the persons involved to give you daily updates. Rather disclosing too much before time can have the opposite effect with people interested in lobbying against our interest mobilizing more aggressively.

    Also bills are introduced all the time and there is not always enough time to hold funding drives to lobby for and against those bills. Moreover lobbying with the congress and senate is an on going effort and will require resources anyways.

    However if you feel you want to be in the thick of things and know everything that is going on, then I guess joining your state chapter and being an active member can help you get some additional info. I believe volunteering your time is a lot more useful for the community than only money and if you can do that, all the power to you. I for one try and make my contributions to help those guys who are taking the pains to do all the work which benefits all of us.


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  • sandy_anand
    04-19 10:27 AM
    we will see more of this as elections near..


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  • dhirajs98
    06-28 02:03 PM
    my pd is march 07. my agency told me they converted my I 140 into premium on june 18.But my case status still hasn changed from 'RECIEVED N PENDING". Is there any delay by the uscis usually in changing the status?
    Can somebody please clarify?

    My RFE response to the I-140 PP was sent on June 7th but I have received anything from USCIS. Status on theor wesite is still old. Its almost 3 weeks after I sent the response to the RFE. I am not sure what is going on w/ USCIS these days. They have taken money to process it in premium but it seems they don't bother to complete case in 15 working days anymore.


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  • coopheal
    05-13 03:50 PM
    I have filled the form. I am available on 6 and 7th.

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  • villamonte6100
    11-02 12:22 PM
    Thank you very much for all the response. I waited for responses from different places so I could determnine if it is a Nationwide policy as what the Colorado was saying.

    I am from Colorado and I think Colorado is one of the strickest states in the US whatever.

    It looks like from responses that only Colorado has so far adhered to this new policy.

    I have 4 friends who currently cannot drive because their licenses have expired and they are waiting for MVI's (Motor Vehicle Investigative Unit) letter. Until such letter is issued, you cannot renew your license (in Colorado). According to MVI Here, it will take to 5-7 days, but if there is a problem, it will take up to 9 weeks.

    Really rediculous procedure and I agree with everyone.

    Just in case anyone there is in the same predicament, please share your story and the resolution.


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  • arihant
    06-18 02:31 PM
    I am planning to file EAD/AP for my wife who is on H4 along with adjustment of status application. Will she continue on her H4 status till she gets EAD/AP?
    She will continue on H4 status until she uses EAD (by filing I-9 with an employer when she starts working). At that point, her H4 is automatically invalid and she is then on EAD. Until then she can be on H4. Same rule applies to H1.

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  • sanju_eb3
    04-25 09:01 PM
    What are the downsides of the point based system?
    - The bill may take too long to shape-up and implement; thus holding off any meaningful reform to address the current retrogression problem.
    - Others, please list

    What are its advantages?
    - No need of lawyer
    - Employer independent (Is it true?)
    - Others, please list


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  • Hassan11
    02-08 03:44 PM
    I am in a similar situation. I applied for my first LC based on Skilled employee (Category 3) because my first job financial analyst only required a bechelor degree even though I have a masters degree then I filed for the I-140 (priority date May 2005). then I got a promotion to a senior financial analyst which requires a masters degree. so I automatically could apply file a second LC to file under (category 2 which is current). however my cecond LC was denied because the DOL thinks that there is no difference between the 1 job (financial analyst) and the second job (senior financial analyst) with the same company. so I checked with my lawyer and he said that I can file for appeal so the DOL will review their decision and realize that it was wrong. I did file for appeal in Sep 2006 and I ve been waiting since then. does anybody know or have any idea how long the appeal normally takes so they can make a decision on my case?? please advise. Thank you

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  • unseenguy
    07-04 11:25 PM

    You have to register the birth with the consulate (to get an Indian birth certificate) within a year using this form (see part II) (, following which you should be able to get an Indian passport. The USA will not issue a visa on this passport since it considers the child to be a US citizen. However, US policy in this regard does not matter if the child never travels to the US.

    WTF? US will decide which country's citizen is our biological child?


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  • PresidentO
    04-02 11:10 AM
    IV needs to come out with a action plan or tell what it intends to do with the donations. once they are more open, donations will flow. I know IV is non profit org but that does not mean that funds cannot be misused. (I need more red dots please :))

    Yes! I agree Paying for bandwidth that is used by folks such as you is misuse.

    Troll and Troll until Grasshopper kicks your sorry A$$ out some where

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  • sprajulu
    08-29 03:03 PM

    I need you guys help how to correct My advance parole document

    Wrong valid date printed on form I-131(Advance parole document) .
    Date of issue : 10/18/2007
    Valid till also : 10/18/2007 instead of 10/18/2008

    How can I get correct the Valid till date ?
    Thanks in advance.


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  • swo
    09-16 05:32 PM
    I think Wah Wah is confused by the differences between 'retrogression' and 'backlog'. Of course, you are right that the PDs are not likely to go much further back (I think USCIS took a conservative approach after July - note they are still issuing visas to those with non-current PDs but are using the bulletin to limit incoming new filings). However, if 20 million applied in July the coming backlogs would be horrendous, even though priority dates would not necessarily need to go back further.

    However, in a sense, if the backlog is perpetual, and let's say the PD never really moves forward by more than, for example, one month, in the next 10 years (I'm picking extremes to make my point) then the effective retrogression at that point would be greater than say todays.

    Phew. Anyway, I think that's what he was on about!


    You are just repeating yourself. Show me the logic why entering all apps will retrogress the PD?

    Let me give a concrete example. For India EB2, why would the PD not move from, say, April 2004 to January 2005, even if, say, 20 million people with priority date at 2006 apply for I485?

    Understand the procedure first. With a better idea of applications in pipeline, you will see the PD movement to be better predicted, not retrogression.

    Why is it obvious? Show me the logic man!! Instead of just stating it. If ROW was current till now on some category, everybody who were supposed to file would have filed. Why would it get retrogressed. You understand that only the unused ROW numbers trickle over ot India/China etc.

    So, you are saying you don't have a logic. You are speculating and saying only time will prove you right? Eh?

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  • sledge_hammer
    01-15 12:53 PM
    Yes, exactly! One has to be cautious about his/her surroundings.

    I would be as cautious in NYC as I would be in Mumbai, since my adopted town now, and my hometown in India are both not NYC or Mumbai! If I venture out into DC, I would be more cautious than I would be if I went out to buy milk in the 'burbs of NOVA where I live!

    >>>>>>>Do not act in ignorance
    What part of my post makes you think I am acting in ignorance?

    What is your point??????????? What does the killing have anything to do with being a "legal immigrant" in this country?

    :D :D :D Dude, There has been several incidents in past 1 year enough so you can draw a pattern. Do not act in ignorance. We have to pay attention to happenings around us and be cautious of the surroundings.

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  • kf9009
    06-25 02:34 PM
    Can anyone please answer this?

    02-09 08:31 AM
    I filed an apeal for my first PERM too and preparing to file another one (through another company - you can't file another PERM via the same company while your first PERM is in appeal). Your's is there for longer than mine. I heard 4 to 6 months would be the time. Please let us know when and how yours is resolved.

    Styrum: Why did you file an appeal on your first perm and why are you planning to file another appeal? Maybe I am not understanding something here. was your first LC denied? (on what ground?) why your second LC denied?? Please explain. it seems that we are on the same boat but my appeal have been there longer (now over 6 months)

    does anybody here has any idea how long the appeal on the LC decision takes?? any information will be greatly appreciated.

    12-31 06:46 AM
    AmitKhare77... apparently, the job title and job responsibilities have to be same as whats on labor until we get GC. otherwise no promotion.
    SGP.... you made my day ! As I did not want to ruin my friends's mood on on new year's eve, I was planning on dropping new year party plans and stay back home.... but your post just put life back into me...
    one more qn - after I change to Company B, what happens if Company A revokes I-140 ?

    No problem my friend. You are welcome. I am glad I was able to help you.
    Company A CANNOT revoke approved I-140. I have checked this with 3 to 4 attorneys & also with Gurus on this forum. Only the USCIS has the authority to cancel the approved I-140, if it detects that it was obtained fraudulently.
    One more suggestion, ask company B to file your H1 with Premium processing. Once you get H1 approval then submit resignation to Company A.

    Enjoy the party Bud. Have a drink on me!:p;). Wishing You and Yours Happy New Year.

    If you will be benefited by �I-485 filing without current priority Date�, please vote YES on the Poll.
    Then please send an email to with subject - "I485 filing without current PD - Impacted Member". Include your 1) IV username 2) Email address 3) Ph#, 4) State of Residence so that grassroot efforts can be coordinated. Please refer to the first post on the thread and use the flier,talk to your friends/colleagues to spread the message.We need all members to get involved.

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