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  • ramus
    06-28 02:17 PM
    They have stopped issuing intrim EAD from local office.

    According to this from Murthy:

    Generally, one may apply for an interim EAD card, if the EAD application has been pending more than 90 days if there is not an unanswered Request for Evidence (RFE) on an I-140, I-485, or I-765 that is pending with the USCIS for the applicant. The interim EAD may be obtained at a local USCIS office. To obtain an interim EAD, two USCIS-specified photographs and the 485 and EAD receipt notices are needed.

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  • casinoroyale
    09-05 03:48 PM
    This is what written in I-131 Instructions -> page 3

    If you are in the United States and seek advance parole:
    A. You may apply if you have an adjustment- of- status application pending and you seek to travel abroad for emergent personal or bona fide business reasons; :mad:

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  • ramus
    06-28 05:36 PM
    I think you need all of them but I am not 100 % sure..

    In cause you don't get experience certificare Even if you get letter from somebody you worked with will work..

    Hi everybody,

    I will post here my query about I-140 because I didn't want to start a new thread only for my question.

    It's still regarding I-140 application.....I wanted to ask you if you need all employment letters that are written on Labor Ceritificate..or is it enough to submit only a few not all the employment letters for every job that was written on Labor certificate?

    How is it working?
    I wwould highly apprecite your help.
    Thank you in advance.

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  • whitecollarslave
    04-23 04:25 PM

    With a few bills introduced or in the works, isn't it the time now to act and bring about awareness to our problems? I know IV has been working through state chapters. We can supplement those efforts with other means such as those suggested in this thread. We need to create an uproar about the hopeless situation and endless wait times due to retrogression, backlogs, and bureaucracy. I am not suggesting anything drastic. Just some peaceful ways that won't offend anybody to draw attention to the forgotten issues of EB immigrants.


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  • vishal
    08-24 03:10 PM
    Hi all,
    my priority date is jan 2003.first ours was at TSC and then it was transferred to VSc and now it was transferred to TSC.

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  • somegchuh
    05-24 01:25 PM
    I understand and agree with all the points except I am not sure how it puts ppl with pending 140 at risk. Can you please elaborate?

    Also, AC 21 repealed? So no switching of jobs after 6 months of 485? What about those who have already switched?

    Also, the current visa numbers are 9800 for a country annually. That limit goes down to 9000. Its a 10% cut but is that going to have major impact on retrogression?

    AC 21 repealed (disastrous)

    Bad for pending I 140 .... left in limbo

    Bad for pending LC .... left in complete limbo

    Bad for retrogressed.... backlog will increase phenomenally 'cos of decreased visa numbers


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  • indian111
    07-01 03:03 PM
    I selected INDIA-INDIA and got my AP approval

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  • chanduv23
    10-10 12:54 PM


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  • psethi
    06-30 03:36 PM
    I am trying to efile AP and there is a question regarding date of intended departure and expected length of the trip. I don't have any plans to use AP and is applying for emergency travel. Please let me know what to fill if any one is in the same situation who have e-filed.

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  • n_2006
    06-25 02:11 PM
    H1 was approved some time last year and H1B started from 10/1/2006.

    Can employee start working without SSN? My wife received H1 approval around Oct 2006 and we applied for SSN in Nov 2006. We received it by end of Feb 2007. From March 07 we got pay stubs.

    People who switched from F2/H4 to H1 can consider their SSN application time as valid status. Right?


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  • chanduv23
    05-14 09:44 AM
    I am not sure, if this topic has any merit. But, basically what we can learn is that, it is difficult to legally fight corporates, though I do not intend to discourage people, if there is any issue based on race or gender, going to HR may seem to be the right way, but 95% of cases, that will not work in favour of u, rather will work against you, especially being on H1b.

    The reason I opened this topic for discussion is to see if it helps folks understand how certain things can affect ur path to GC. This is one aspect that you have to atch out in your journey towards GC.

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  • n2b
    09-29 10:21 AM
    I agree with most. We should not expect major "Forward" movement in dates until the 3rd & the 4th quarter of USCIS' fiscal year! Until then we might as well keep the prediction threads to the minimum.


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  • shirish
    05-21 01:53 PM
    I think it is still June 29 2007

    so TSC processing time actually retrogressed this month by 8 days if it is at June 21. For times of April, it shows that they are processing June 29, 2008.

    what is going on man. when will they get to Aug 7. but then again, if EB3 is not avaialable then what si the point.

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  • chanduv23
    01-13 01:32 PM
    EB2 -- Dont run fast, you will fall down again ...

    I'm EB3 , with PD Oct 18th, Off by 3 days since last 2 months ...

    I don't think dates will go back again unless they drastically move the dates forward. The dates could remain stagnant for a long time though.


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  • ravise
    08-24 10:55 AM
    PD Mar-2005

    I will keep trying

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  • ocpmachine
    10-15 11:11 AM

    I efiled my AP on 9/5/10 @NSC and it was approved today after requesting expediting on 10/5/10 based on financial loss, I have a business transaction back home for which i need to be present and provided all supporting documentation related to that.

    This is what is think is more effective than contacting senators/Ombudsman for expediting, resend all the I-131 supporting documentation,proof of emergency/loss, 2 photos and include a cover letter with bold colorful fonts requesting expediting to the same address you sent your app earlier (btw, i used the USCIS center courier address and not PO Box address), i believe this way your app goes to the officer quicker and he has all the documents needed to approve your case right away if you qualify for expediting, i have used this process more than once and know it works at least for have tried other methods, why not try this as well!

    Good Luck!


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  • indianabacklog
    06-18 02:00 PM
    USCIS issues Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) in the following categories:

    EAD: This document proves you are allowed to work in the United States.
    Renewal EAD: You should apply for a renewal EAD six months before your original EAD expires.
    Replacement EAD: This document replaces a lost, stolen, or mutilated EAD. A replacement EAD also replaces an EAD that was issued with incorrect information, such as a misspelled name.
    Interim EAD: If USCIS does not approve or deny your EAD application within 90 days (within 30 days for an asylum applicant; note: asylum applicants are eligible to file for EADs only after waiting 150 days from the date they filed their properly completed original asylum applications), you may request an interim EAD document.

    If the EAD app is not approved in 90 days, we can request an interim.Doesn't sound like a big problem then.......Am i missing something? Some folks said Interim EAD have been discontinued....but this on their official website???

    I actually asked about the interim EAD thing while I was at my fingerprinting appointment at the local office. They do not have the equipment any more for producing these cards. However, if your application takes more than 90 days you can go to them and they will send an email to USCIS and you should then receive one within two to three weeks. I was told that calling the 1 800 uscis number and following up when things have gone beyond 90 days should have the same effect.

    I am more than a little skeptical that this would work out. Have yet to find out since my spouse's EAD has only been pending for five weeks at this point.

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  • qplearn
    10-11 01:54 PM
    I can categorically state that once a category retrogresses, any I-485s with PDs later than the cut-off date DO NOT get approved.

    This happened to 1000's of us in EB3 in 2005 when EB3 RoW became 'Unavailable' after we had concurrently filed I-140.

    Now, this does not mean that processing stops (I got 2nd fingerprinting, etc), it just means that the I-485 cannot be approved until PD is reached. Since my PD (03-may-02) has now been reached, my approval is mere weeks away --- because processing continued up to the point of approval.

    Now, Schedule A's of course, benefit from being able to look at TWO categories (Schedule A and either Eb2 or EB3, depending on how their I-140 was slotted). Whichever of these has a cut-off after their PD, will be the category they get approved under.

    Assuming you get your 485 approved in a week or two, can you tell us how long it took for them to process your 485? If you tell me your receipt date of 485, that will be sufficient. Thx.

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  • pbojja
    05-21 04:32 PM
    My I140 is pending at TSC from Apr 2007. No RFE. Called the CS and opened an SR in jan 08 and i got the standard reply. My Attorney opened another SR in May. Hoping to get some information on my case from TSC this time
    I think all these processing times are unreal and who knows how they process these cases (may be GOD)

    You are right , Its like a lottory now . I know a freind who applied in August 07got his 140 approved ...

    How about forming a group whose dates are beyond processing times and send them to Ombudsman ... Problem with this is no one particaptes hoping next month my case will be approved ... I think only choice is praying to God so CIS can find our files

    04-01 04:38 PM

    08-26 06:40 PM
    As if things weren't enough complex, today my friend told me one more thing about finger prints. His PD is 2004 Sep EB2, so he called USCIS to know the status of his application. Then they told him that his finger prints got expired (as per them they expire after every 15 months). So they will invoke the notice to get him an appointment for finger prints. They also mentioned if finger prints have expired then they can't process the application unless it gets renewed.

    Although this is first hand information, I was very surprised and not sure whether or not to believe the information given by USCIS call center.

    The information that my attorney gave me was on similar lines. From what she told me its a good sign that I got my biometric appointment for next month when my PD is current. You never know, its USCIS.

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