Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • illinois_alum
    08-12 06:08 PM
    Another similar Question:
    do we need carry the supporting documentation(Birth/Marrriage certificate, old H1Bs, etc) certifacte while travelling with GC? Please share your experience.

    I know that other than the GC and the don't need any other document. I guess your question can be interpreted as ...would those other documents help if you somehow lose your GC while traveling outside?

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  • neokernel
    02-14 07:20 PM
    When they ask 245i (April 2001 Deadline) people to submit the application for legal status (Labor.. i-140 ..etc) why didn't they also create the VISA Number for them?
    It's legal immigrant taking the hit because of illegal immigrants.
    They should define completly different path and laws to make illegals to legal.


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    01-26 07:26 PM
    hey Dhundhun and everybody else.... thanks for ur precious advice. This forum is really helpful for people like me who do not have much experience with US rules.

    Dhundhun, to answer your I do not intend to break the contract. I just want to protect myself from any mishap in future. By the way as I mentioned earlier, the contract is not of 12 months....its for ENDLESS time. It says that if I leave the company anytime...I will need to refund all the training costs that the company would of incurred in last 12 months.

    Alright "helloh1" all I can tell you at this point is "Good luck"

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  • sparky_jones
    02-20 11:41 PM

    Today I got a call from an officer in "immigration and customs enforcement" asking for an appointment to visit my residence for checing my immigration status.
    I am on H1B visa.

    I would appreciate if someone could give any sort of information related to calling for a home visit.

    Highly suspicious. I would call ICE and confirm. Also, I would ask this "officer" to visit at the workplace in presence of your lawyer. No one has any business visiting your residence for enforcement of a work-related visa. Be careful; consult with your attorney before entertaining any such request.


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  • wellwishergc
    04-10 07:24 PM

    I am of the opinion that issues such as 'allowing I-485 even if visa data not current' or 'allowing for application of EAD once I-140 approved' could be addressed by urging appropriate agencies to make changes to the existing regulations. As bharnik pointed out there is no effect on the visa numbers for the USCIS, by allowing this. While we fight and wait for legislation, this is a very good short-term relief.

    Is it possible for IV to brain-storm on this? and come up with an approach to address this, without having to go through the congress?..

    Please advise..


    Excellent, creative question. Alas, the answer to this lies not in the INA itself but the Code of Federal Regulations.

    To be specific, 8 CFR 274 a.12(c) (9) ( is what allows employment authorization at the adjustment of status stage. See page 658 of the linked document.

    I was about to write an explanation of 8 CFR 274, but then I found this excellent summary which describes the regulation of the employment of aliens

    Now how do we go about changing this provision to include I-140 -- not sure.

    However, it is simply a case of moving the ball around --

    either you ask that people be able to file adjustment of status even if visa numbers are not available


    you ask that 8 CFR 274 a.12(c) (9) be amended so that people with approved I-140s be allowed to get EADs and Advance Parole.

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  • aamirzeeshan
    01-11 02:40 PM
    I understand your situation as i was there once. If you dont have insurance than your options are very limited. if you live in dallas county parkland hospital is your only choice. Parkland has a network of several clinics around DFW area. Every clinic has financial assistance department. You can visit any of those and they will setup a payment plan which is reasonable based on your income. You will visit them for all prenatal care and when the time comes for delivery it will be taken to parkland. and parkland is a very good hospital as well. beside parkland several hospitals also offer cash plans like RHD memorial at 635 but they will charge you close to 4k just for delivery day and if its a normal one. you will have to do prenatal at your own.


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  • tinku01
    02-12 10:53 AM
    I request everybody to add one line in the letter for Consular processing filers as they should be allowed to get AC21 and EAD facilities now. This law came earlier only for 485 filers because CP process was fast but now due to retrogession all CP filers are waiting for Years and in the worst sitauation as 485 filers are enjoying their freedom with AC21 and EAD

    Immmigration Voice I'll appreciate if you could add this agenda in you campaign letter.


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  • casinoroyale
    06-19 12:05 PM
    In other discussions it is mentioned that if I-485 is pending & you are applying for renewal you don't need this letter.

    BTW, i just read this in the I-131 instructions, so if i hold a valid AP now and apply for renewal and go to India and enter back using the existing AP, does it mean my pending I-131 renewal will be abondoned? :confused: (page 4)

    If you travel before the advance parole document is issued, your application will be deemed abandoned if:

    A) You depart from the United States; or
    B) The person seeking advance parole attempts to enter the United States before a decision is made on the application.


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  • anilsal
    08-31 09:04 PM
    who is affected by retrogression, wakes up and participates, we can probably get 50K plus.

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  • bailoor
    01-15 02:47 PM
    First of all, we would like to know whether your wife is pregnant or you are trying to know all the possible option for pregnancy.

    If you are trying to know the option,

    1) you can choose any individual health insurance provider(like blue cross or Aetna or State Farm etc) with maternity option. They expect to have coverage for 18 months before they accept any claims on maternity.
    2) Also, ensure that the health insurance provider is coverage in complete US. Some of them have coverage only in west coast or tri state or midwest etc. In case of IT job, we can relcoate anywhere in US.

    If pregnant, try these options.

    a) Try to change to another employer who have GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE. Group health insurance cover pre-existing condition and hence no need to worry. Take HIGH premium option so that out-of-pocket is less and your expenses are less.

    b) If you cannot change the employer, visit the reasonable cost hospitals around your neighbourhood , talk to the billing staff and ask for discounts. Usually, they give 30% discounts on the total cost. Otherwise, you can talk to the management staff(or write a letter) and get around 30-40% discount.

    c) Ensure that you always visit the hospital, doctors, ob/gyn who are covered under your insurance provide network. Though your wife is not covered under maternity, they will work with their network doctor to get the discounted rate. Once you get that rate, ask for additional discount. Surely, you will get around 20-30% discount.

    d) Based on my experience, here are the expenses cost....

    ob/gyn - around 8k (prenatal to delivery)

    pediatrician - around 1k ( from child birth to 2 month)

    delivery expenses - around 8k (normal delivery)
    - around 18 k ( c section)

    scanning expenses - around 3k( depends on the conditions - sometimes, they
    expect weekly scanning during 9th month).

    Govt provides financial aid provide the total house income is less than 25k which
    will not work for any IT professional.

    As the expenses are HIGH, join some GOOD company for atleast 2 months, get their group health insurance and then quit and come back to your original company. After you
    quit that company, you can use the COBRA option and get the maternity coverage.

    GOOD LUCK...


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  • GoneSouth
    07-10 09:26 AM
    FYI, Jon Stewart had a piece on Lou Dobbs last night on the Daily Show (although I think this was a re run of a show last week).

    In Stewart's clip, Dobbs claimed that there were 7000 cases of leprosy in the US in the last 3 years, mostly due to illegal immigrants. Stewart brought it to the audience's attention that this was completely false. In fact, there have been 7000 cases of leprousy in the US in the last *30* years, and no statistics have been kept on whether these were immigrants or us citizens.

    Stewart also had a bit where he said "Buchananan ... hmmm, that's Irish, isn't it?" - a reference to the fact that Pat Buchanan, an outspoken xenophobe, is himself the descendent of formerly reviled immigrant group.

    Go Jon !

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  • vejella
    12-13 03:56 PM

    With the current rate of outsourcing happening around in US and the rate of influx of temporary workers coming in on mostly L1 and may be few on H1 B Visas every year through the outsourcing companies , i am sceptical about the future of GC aspirants. With the way of GC processing happening which are caused by restrictions /policies of governing bodies and no sight of positive relief in near future i am little apprehensive about the future.

    I feel that there might be no areas that are not impacted by Outsourcing boom . Most of the companies that i see and my friends work ,i see many of the operations are outsourced or planning in place to get outsourced.

    with the current rate of outsourcing and subprime mess which may cause slow down in economy , i am not sure if there would be any positions to support our AOS , when our PD becomes current. Some times i think , the fight for GC is even worth it.

    Every one feel free to post your views/opinions/Analysis on this topic ....


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  • sai
    04-01 07:36 PM

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  • Dipika
    01-12 02:29 PM
    If preganent before starting insurance, then you won't get covered by most insurance comapny.
    In this case Hospital charge very high for delivery.

    But certain hospital provides package, like $3500 for Noraml Delivery and 2 days stay with including every month visiting doctor for checkup. if C-section then pay $1000 more to pay etc. I had pass throgh this for my first kid, but i'm living in NJ.

    If Insurance is started b4 preganency then it will get covered.


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  • copsmart
    02-21 10:01 AM

    So, did you get your Green Card after that visit? Or Are you still waiting?

    Your profile still shows I-485 as your processing stage, so I wasn�t sure.

    It was in sept 07.

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  • jediknight
    04-22 04:34 PM
    Be prepared to carry your H1B papers/EAD cards/I485 application papers and wait like a criminal while the cops check if you are legal or not after stopping you at the Phoenix Airport terminal, when you are waiting for your connecting flight, since your skin color was not white and you could be a potential illegal.

    Also, be prepared for this to happen to your kids even though they might be US citizens.

    - JK


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  • yabayaba
    08-23 11:28 AM
    Your employer will have to file a PERM and I-140 and once I-140 is approved in EB-2 with earlier EB-3 PD, request USCIS to adjudicate your pending I-1485 using the newly approved EB-2 I-140. No need to file another I-485 if you already have one pending.

    Regarding the fee, there is no filing fee for PERM. All the costs are related to advertising and lawyer fee. I have no idea how much the fee for the whole process is or what attorney's charge as I have never paid anything for any of my immigration process so far (11 yrs in US). Technically, you are not supposed to pay anything, only employer should pick up the fee. You can pay the premium processing fee wherever applicable.

    What about if the I-140(EB2) rejected?. The 485 will be rejected too?. What are the possibilities of I-140 rejection?


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  • abhijitp
    07-06 02:18 PM
    We need someone to youtube this and help with the media campaign!
    And then we can try to make it one of the most watched videos-- provided of course that the coverage shows legal immigrants in good light.

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  • raydhan
    04-01 04:31 PM
    Sent Fax# 10

    04-23 12:02 PM
    Wrote to White House and to local Senators.

    06-10 08:22 PM
    The fact is republicans don’t like non whites to immigrate to US and the democrats are color blind to most extent but they are class conscious, they like illegals and poor people to immigrate to US because they can control them whereas they cannot control and herd the EB immigrants.

    "reforming" the US immigration system by introducing a points based system where even existing applicants like the EB folks who have been in US for the last 10+ years have to re apply in points based nonsense system.

    We will all have to fight for our cause but don’t have unrealistic expectations from CIR. Our best bet is a non cir piece meal bill visa recapture bill that addresses EB issues seperate from CIR, it is difficult to get such a bill passed but the chances for such a bill are better then Obama-durbin cir

    You echoed my feelings about CIR...
    My biggest fear is "choking up of the already inefficient system"...currently we at least can apply for something and expect it to be processed in few months (longer in some cases), get our EADs and APs renewed, call customer service with questions (although don't get needed info in most cases), get infopass....when they try to deal with "blue cards" and Z visas of 12 million plus illegals, none of this will be available.

    And I do not want to start GC process from "scratch" in point bases system when I have spent so much time, money and energy in the current process...

    Only and only Ron Gotcher can say "once CIR passes, everything will be current and stay current..." DREAM COME TRUE!

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