Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • BharatPremi
    12-11 11:52 PM
    Every movement should have following factors to succeed.

    1) strategic, honest and commited leadership
    2) strategic think tanks
    3) High moral and ethical ground
    4) Dedicated volunteers
    5) high volume support from affected masses
    6) Strong communication network
    7) Constant flow of required finance, its control /management and proper
    8) strategic organization
    9) strategic intelligence
    10) Simple but valid and highly effective fighting methods.

    What do you think, in which area you can be fit to make our movement stronger?

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  • pappu
    03-04 09:21 AM
    msp1976 Thank you for the article. We will try to get it published in US media. Thanks

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  • saileshdude
    07-09 10:32 PM
    Can anyone recommend attorney who are good in AC21 and I-485 Motion To Reopen cases. Who is better, muthy or Oh law firm, or Ron Gotcher ? I am confused as to whose services I should take knowing that my I-140 will be revoked and if I have to file MTR.

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  • BECsufferer
    10-10 09:40 AM
    I am very thrilled at the news that our President has own the highest honor of this world.
    Hearty Congratulations Mr. President !!!!

    I and my family feel immensely proud that we are able to live in this country of freedom governed by a great leader like you.

    Mr President you are the symbol of hope not only for the citizens of USA but also for all of the immigrant community. You have raised our hopes that we will also be able to become a citizen of this great country soon. Your selection as the Nobel Peace Prize winner has strengthen this hope further. Sir, Please do not belie our hopes.

    Please revamp the current immigration rules and provide immidiate attention to the immigration reform. Sir, we all are looking up to you.

    Congratulations to you Mr President and Congratulations to all of the citizens and residents of USA.

    God Bless USA.

    This is simply putting cart in front of horse ... he hasn't been president for more than 9 months and hasn't solved a single economic problem our country is facing.

    And if being simply president was creterion than our ex-presidente (Mr Cheney ... oops Mr. Bush ;)) would had got 8 noble prizes + 4 from Papa. It re-inforces my opinion that europeans are ... simply out of touch w/ reality. Look america has already showed world, it can elect a black as a president from country of pre-dominatly white ( still white, check census). And what have these european self-labeled-elites done comparably?

    If you think this person has vision and can solve worlds problems than do as he asks. Join us in fighting global terror, economic troubles and uplifting democarcy in middle-east.

    Yes, God bless America and spare us from these snobs.


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  • aperregatturv
    09-22 07:01 PM
    Another problem i see here....

    this ROY BECK is CEO & Founder of NumbersUSA is doing a backdoor calls directly to Harry Reid to kill this and other bills ....

    Check his Today's Blog

    Link (

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has two honorable choices:

    * No. 1: Go around Sen.Menendez who has a "hold" on H.R. 6633, the "clean" E-Verify re-authorization bill passed by the House. Sen. Reid can bring this back-room filibuster to the Senate floor for a vote. If he does this, there easily will be the 60 votes necessary to stop Menendez and allow an overwhelming majority vote to pass H.R. 6633. (Reid reportedly doesn't want to do this because he doesn't want to force some of his Democrats to have to go on record just before the election.)
    * No. 2: Avoid a vote altogether by talking to Menendez privately, persuading him that what he is doing is threatening the reputation of the Democratic Party just before elections and get him to withdraw his "hold" on H.R. 6633. (This way, Reid could then bring H.R. 6633 to the floor in the "hot-wire" fashion which will pass by voice vote.)

    Either way, the American worker and public wins. It is all about Reid doing one of those two things.

    This is why we want you to put particular pressure on Democratic Senators to put an end to Menendez' shameful grandstanding. Fortunately, Senate Republicans are standing firm against Menendez.

    The weakest and most vulnerable American workers -- and non-workers -- will benefit the most from your willingness to step forward and take action this week.


    After we told you that some Republican Senate staffers were working with Sen. Menendez (D-N.J.) for massive increases in foreign workers, you hammered Republican offices for not holding the line for a "clean" E-Verify bill.

    Your efforts really worked. By the end of this last week, Republican Senate staffs were going into negotiations with Democrats and making it clear they were united in oppositiion to a foreign-worker surge at this time of 5-year-high unemployment and financial industry collapse.

    Sen. Menendez apparently is not bothered by the 5-year-high official unemployment rate -- or even by the 292,000 additional American workers who went on unemployment in August alone. He is insisting that if we keep E-Verify, then we have to add another 550,000 foreign workers next year to the 1.1 million immigrants already scheduled to come.

    (AS A REMINDER: E-Verify is the central tool for taking away the job magnet from illegal immigration. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants to kill it so outlaw businesses will have more freedom to hire illegal workers. E-Verify is the on-line system that businesses can type into for each new hire and find out if they are an illegal alien.

    (If you live in Arizona, Oklahoma, Georgia -- or any other of the places that have started mandating that businesses use E-Verify -- your efforts to combat illegal immigration will be halted. )

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  • Winner
    03-27 11:37 AM
    How about we will bet for/against predictions and let all the proceedings go to IV???

    IMO... MOST (Yes, I meant MOST not ALL) of the folks who play prediction game are freeloaders. Once money is involved they will disappear.


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  • franklin
    08-23 01:15 AM
    Check this out.....

    There are people from India with PD 2005 whose I-485's have been approved lately.

    I don't mean to sound dismissive, but I don't count as being a reliable source of information, since it is a tiny minority of total cases, and all information relies on user input - not the most reliable set of data, imho.

    On the 1st page of "Country = india" and "case approved" there is 1 case that applied this year (feb eb2 with a PD of 02) - they were lucky. Everyone else applied before retrogression hit in 05 with the exception of a couple of eb2 with very old PD (00,01). 2 cases out of how many? 100s of thousands?

    sanjeev_2004 - I respectfully disagree with your statement that the "pending visa number" situation will no longer occur. It will happen MUCH more. The number of available visas has not increased, the number of people that have applied for AOS has dramatically increased (either old or new PD). The visa numbers will be QUICKLY used up by those with old PDs, so those with newer ones will sit for a long time waiting for visa numbers to become available for their PD - they will become "pending visa availability" cases.

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  • hsingh82
    10-02 12:22 PM
    In 2005 my first kid got an OCI as the rules were diiferent then but in 2009 the current rule is that one parent MUST be a US citizen and I had to take a PIO for my second kid in 2009.

    Following is from the FAQ`s of Indian consulate at SFO

    6. Are minor children whose both parents are Indian citizens eligible for OCI?

    You are correct. The rules must have changed recently. I wonder what made them make that change, Now children of US citizens (who were once Indian citizens) have an advantage over children who has both parents as Indian citizens. Weird.. isn't it?


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  • krishmunn
    05-10 09:25 AM
    USCIS has a list of colleges in their database.

    So before paying money, make sure that it is worth. USCIS web site has the list, you can search and find.

    If you mean the SEVIS list, that is worthless. Even TVU was listed their. Check for accreditation in U.S. Department of Education Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs ( . Any accredited degree (not the fake accredited ones) is good

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  • tinamatthew
    07-21 11:02 AM
    Did you had the paystubs or the immigration officer did not ask for it?
    When you are changing status within the country, they will want to make sure you maintained previous status, so paystubs will most likely be required. An option you may want to consider is visa autorevalidation in Mexico/Canada.

    What did you mentioned at line # 30 and # 38 of DS-156?
    Remember when a visa is a stamp in the passport, which allows you to enter the country. The i-94 tells you how long you can stay in the country. When you fill in a i-539 it is an Application To Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status. Not a visa and the reason why you cannot use it to come back into the country

    How long was your wife out of status? Please respond. I am unable to get the paystubs from the employer. He is not picking up the phone.

    Hope this helps


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  • kak1978
    08-10 11:18 PM
    May be the Law firm signed up for the bulletin email and they got it through email. Did anyone here subscribe to the email?

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  • sanjeev_2004
    08-22 11:14 PM
    Just Thought

    There is 200k application without 140 approval, this is including july filers.

    there is lot of chnace for those who got their I-140 approved, even their PD '2006.

    you can see people getting approved PD'2005 EB2 cases, even then VB says now 2004'apr for EB2.They are not processing based on PD now and in future also i gues.Since we have already filed.PD will restrict only to File I-485 in future.

    - satish

    TSC approving old PD I140 first and that is suffient for demand supply ratio. no approval possible with PD'2005 EB2 cases for contries like India.


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  • Openarms
    01-21 01:46 PM
    Any hopes in EB3 India priority date movement? Hope they work on some legislation

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  • boldm28
    04-17 01:51 PM
    I agree with you.

    the India shining is a myth limted to middle class .. nothing is being done for the farmers or in generall for masses


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  • diptam
    01-15 04:07 PM
    Welcome back LogicLife - Didn't see your sharp & to the point posts in for a long time in 2008 !! Though i've withdrawn myself also mostly the 3rd and 4th quarter of 08.

    If my observations are correct - to update you - IV is no longer just immigration forum - here i see discussions from "Israel-Gaza conflict" to "stolen cats"... How does that feel ?


    DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer and none of the below is legal advice. This is just to give you can idea. You should consult with lawyer or your state's authorities for laws pertaining to your state regarding gun ownership and license.


    1. Choose carefully, as guns are expensive.
    2. Buy a safe first, where you can keep guns safely away from children.
    3. Take classes, or learn from a friend at a shooting gallery. Even basic usage of gun is risky if you dont know what you are doing.
    4. Keep your permit up to date, renew when neccesary. If you move to another state, you have to re-register your guns in that state. Check procedures for moving with your state authorities, as I think its illegal to just move with guns from one state to another.

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  • claudia255
    10-05 10:24 AM
    That is great News! Hope they will materialize in some sort of relief for all EB immigrants.


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  • neel_gump
    07-19 03:06 PM
    EB3-India PD Dec2003 / FedEx delivered it on July 2nd 10:35am at NSC

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  • capriol
    06-29 01:31 PM
    I had applied for my daughter in April. The receipt date is 04/22. Still no luck. I am hoping that we will get the GC as my dates will be current from Ist July.

    are you talking about your daughter's AP renewal? nd, in which service center?

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  • baburob2
    03-02 11:05 AM
    contributed back again.

    07-17 12:44 PM
    That's great. Let everyone know if you get some reply.

    I sent to 3 members from Fl and 3 members from VA. I was residing in Fl and I had to move to VA due to job relocation.

    Hope this helps to get some help.


    03-10 09:22 AM
    IV community, do you think there is anything we can learn from the Wisconsin gatherings??????????? They are able to mobilize 50,000 people or more in a matter of hours and days. IV campaign for 200 people is running for over a month! And as per the core team, we are yet to reach that number...............

    BTW, before anyone takes up arguments over WI issues, you are focusing on the wrong issue. I am only interested in the number of people that are mobilized, and why is it that we cannot do the same.

    Why is it a letter/FB/twitter can generate thousands of people to come out and protest, while the same newsletter/FB/twitter has had such a poor response for us. Are we not motivated enough? Or do we not actually care for the GC? Or do we get pleasure in just complaining? :confused: :mad:

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