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  • vxg
    02-20 03:48 PM
    Guys, i have got very good rates from New York Life thru IEEE. Try them.

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  • hopefulgc
    07-04 02:22 PM
    I am not sure how encouraging it will be for you to hear about some of our friends in tristate area.
    Pretty much like you (Desi employers, 80/20 or 70/30 arrangements, found contracts through dice/monster/hotjobs, filed in jul 07 fiasco and AC21'ed off to full time positions). There is nothing wrong with these arrangements but unfortunately they are considered pretty much illegal from the H1b & immigration point of view.

    Employers of many of them who have received their GC and many who are pending are currently being investigated. First they closed the gaping hole called substitution and now they are after all these sketchy employers and the petitions pending/approved through them.

    It sucks for people whose petitions have been approved and are now trying to crystallize their lives by buying homes, etc. Administration holds the trump card in that they can revoke GC/citizenship anytime.

    Few of these desi employers were nice enough to notify the beneficiaries. Many of these cases involve people who filed for EB2 i-140 to capture their EB3 dates after changing employers.

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  • qasleuth
    05-07 12:23 AM
    What about the false promises and carrots and propaganda of liberty, equal opportunity and land of opportunities? Of course they wont say its land of indentured servitude. Its our fault that we didn't figure this out, isn't it? another country which is better on those fronts which you mentioned (try to be objective with no rhetoric) ?

    I do agree about the indentured servitude part but is it our fault we did not figure it out ? certainly Yes.
    Try telling what your salary is to a person who is making the national average.

    All the rhetoric about going back to India (yes I have seen random cases, heard anecdotal cases) is nothing but empty threats. I do not see mass exodus and highly doubt if it will happen in the near future.

    Waiting for GC and then citizenship being hell kind of statements is doing more of a disservice than any real effort to help our cause. Growing up and acting like mature professionals with a proper plan like many active members who are working so hard is so much better than to open childish threads (the last para is not directed at you).

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  • DSLStart
    08-23 01:10 PM
    Your case is a low hanging ripe fruit for them. Keep your fingers crossed in Sept.


    I have seen lots of posts about do we know if any case has been pre-adjudicated or not?...recently i got an RFE on my spouse case for Marriage Certificate and Birth certificate bonafide..there is no RFE on my case and had an FP done on 08/11/2009 second time and noticed soft LUD on my case on the day of FP...dose this means they are working on my case...:confused::confused:


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  • nixstor
    07-14 11:54 AM
    While some members might have jumped too hard on the whole thing, Some stuff goes unanswered.

    1) Why has not USINPAC endorsed IV all this while on their website? Does not USINPAC know any thing about IV?

    2) While I understand the importance of fund raisers for politicians, why USINPAC has not involved US citizens of American origin to contribute to the cause? What about grass roots efforts?

    3) I dont have the exact statistics, but I am positive that every one out of 2/3 Indians living in the US is plagued by this problem of GC. How come Orgs like USINPAC are not pushing this by all means?

    Forget the media mishap and the outrage of some members, if USINPAC really considers Immigration of Highly skilled Indians, they should be doing some thing. I personally am neither defending the outrage of some members nor appreciating it, but most of the Indian American citizen community does not want to be in sync with the plight of Indians immigrating to US.There are various reasons. Most important one as I have seen, Many in the Indian American citizen / Indian Permanent Resident community run consulting companies and they would hate to see these guys slip away from their hands by getting GC's. Fcuk, its like the damn door closes right behind you. I am positive most of those shops will come down to earth if Indian citzens start getting their GC's. May be its time, the Indian American Citizens/ Indian PR's ask themselves, what they really want. I have been to some Indian regional association meetings and the big guys or folks from my generation ahead would love to see their kids get married to an Indian or would love to see their kids grow with the rich heritage, but damn it, they just want it to happen with out doing any thing.

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  • Marphad
    03-17 03:21 PM
    Thanks for inputs in the forums.

    EB3-India cannot be discriminated.
    Anyone in EB3 after 2-3 years waiting is qualified under EB2-I. And we see people waiting for much more. How can we be discriminated then. We have to do something.

    We are able to get very good number of people with like minds in Edison, NJ and other big cities with big concentration. We are planning to start a drive against this discrimination, in about 2-3 weeks from now. We would like to write to the honorable policitians and processing centers like Texas and others and to USCIS to treat all fairly.

    1. EB3 India cannot be treated unfairly, wheras EB3-China is much ahead. Why is this.
    2. EB2-India is Feb 2004, wheras EB3 India is Nov 2001 for many years. Why is this.
    3. Why are allowing family immigration when skilled immigrants are waiting.
    4. Why should greencards be counted head-wise, whereas H visas are not.
    5. On the whole, why backlogs and punishing us.

    These are the lines in which our group plan to drive this.,send more ideas.

    For this we need money and more impo'ly efforts, so please contribute smartly as we request below.
    We have teams in all major software hubs like NJ, DC, Livermore, CA, TX, Detroit, and and will need volunteers. We will soon come up with a yahoogroup to communicate.

    We plan to send 10,000 letters and other awareness programs letters to the concerned people.
    We plan to have our small booths in temples where many people will come.
    We will print all the letters, you just need to buy the stamp from us and mail it.
    Or give us an envelope with the 42c stamp. We need about 5-10 from you all.. So its will be $5.00 per head. That way there will be no quesiton of transparency. But if you want to donate more, you are welcome, instead we will prefer you put your efforts in creating strenghr and pass the word.
    We cannot keep quite like this. There is no reason why EB3-India will move forward in current situations and with current rules.
    We know EB2 will be upset, but based on your contribution, we can fight together, else we will go alone. EB3 is big enough to go by itself.

    We plan to wear white dress with white caps.. for peace.. So we can be easily spotted. Give us a envelopes and stamps.. or we will give you addresses to send and the document.. As you wish...Or buy the stamps from us and take the printed content from us in free envelopes.

    We want to do this as IV right?

    Sorry for my ignorance but just curious, why exactly this guy is banned?


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  • kavita
    07-02 12:04 PM
    Should we write letters individually stating how this law has been unfair to us personally? I do not think DOJ will respond to each of us individually. This has to be a mass campaign under one umbrella to be effective. I understand that the leaders in IV are pursuing this with congress currently so probably cannot participate in this campaign? What other ways do we have? Could this be an online campaign?

    On a separate note, it has been frustrating to see politics in US congress over last two years. I am sure they know about the legal immigrant issues and about retrogression, but clearly say no piecemeal legislation would be passed. They work purely for vote bank which we are not. I would favor working on alteranative means to try to get relief.

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  • shreekhand
    08-16 03:14 PM
    Yes, perhaps people don't post these type of investigations. If you have heard any N-400 issues (from your corporate position) about someone caused by leaving the petitioning employer soon after GC then let us know, otherwise it is one of the rarest of rare issues. My attorney clearly mentioned to me that he has seen no such issues in his long career when someone left the employer soon after.

    Coming back to the AC21...if someone changes to a similar job after 180+ days after filing I-485 and informs USCIS of it and then gets a GC, there is no question of any wrongdoing. If USCIS wants to do their audit investigations I wouldn't care an iota about their investigations as long as I have the right paperwork with me.

    Secondly in a non-AC21 case even if one leaves the job of the petitioning company immedaitely how does the intent become questionable when the person is working for the same company for several (5+) years. On the contrary it would be easy to prove the intent here.

    I'm just curious as to how many postings you see on these boards where a persons case has been denied; DOL/USCIS has visited their home; their visa got cancelled by consultate when h-4 went for stamping; got caught in interview lying; DOL investigating companies, etc...

    People do not post these types of issues on immigration forums.


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  • saurav_4096
    11-08 10:07 AM
    msgs like this help establish the notion that this is an indian website dedicated to indian immigration issues. I didnt see any post wishing happy Eid/ Eid Mubarak nor did I notice last year that anyone wished a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays, nor do we wish our Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year.

    As Diwali is national holiday in india... same is true for Eid and Christmas.
    Would greeting on Eid or Christmas will also set the notion for Indian website ?

    Happy Diwali to all :)

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  • malibuguy007
    10-01 08:28 PM
    Please contribute so that we can work/lobby for changes


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  • qplearn
    10-10 03:47 PM
    it might seem like eb2 has moved.. and it has from last month...but this is where we were at in april 2006 (may2006 bulletin -1st jan 2003) before the dates stagnated for a cupl of months, became unavailable and finally moved backwards in october.

    so basically no movement for 7 months.

    This is true but I was fearing worse. It could have remained at Jun 01.

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  • chisinau
    06-14 02:37 AM
    My PD is september 2006, I140 approved, DS230 approved, 3 packet approwed or not ( I am not sure, accordig to the last reply from the attorney my case could be even in the consulate), Before the retro began my case used to be a subject for schedule "A"( nurse), now I am in EB3...

    The question is - will I receive my appointment to the interview soon(next month), because all forms have been accepted already, or I have to wait for all cases with PD older then mine to pass before my case???

    One more question.
    I am not in the US. Should I try to go to the US, and then(after 2 months) apply for I485, before the retro will start again in september??? Is it necessary to have I485 approved in order to receive legal status or it just have to be filled and applied? Will I lose my place in the consular processing after applying for the adjastment of status?

    I know , too much questions, sorry for that but I am realy confused, and badly need your help and advice!

    Thanks, all replies are appreciated!


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  • h1techSlave
    09-22 10:17 PM
    No, we are not going to abuse this and we won't be sending stuff over and over. But stoppers have a very Specific significance: to educate and differentiate between legal and illegal. A stopper says "Stop the reverse brain drain"...A stopper would pique people's interest becase we are typically lumped in with illegals, and a stopper does not exemplify what illegals are. Illegal immigration's message is: "legalize us and help new guest workers come", our stopper says "We are already legal and are already leaving, fix this before we all leave"

    Actually, many Indians with US Citizenship are leaving too. What I have seen with my friends and coworkers is that, the moment they receive the US passport they book a flight to India and come back when ever they please. If media picks up that fact, then what is our strategy?

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  • nixstor
    08-22 01:26 PM
    unless I am egregiously mistaken, I 140 is totally employers and not employee's. How can you invoke FOIA on that? I mean freedom of info doesnt mean a breach of privacy or disclose "compny/personal" documentation.


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  • belmontboy
    01-15 02:51 PM
    You don't need guns my friend. You need Roses!!!;)

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  • logiclife
    10-05 11:13 AM
    Look at this part of Wall Street Journal :

    HIGH-TECH EMPLOYERS get lift from House Republican letter to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of immigration bill to help "attract and retain" high-skilled workers. But in the poll, 56% of Republicans earning more than $75,000 annually would "strongly" or "partially" agree with candidate who would bar illegal immigrants from path to citizenship.

    Look at this. Even when the conversation if totally on "high-killed workers", there is always and has to be always, a line or a sentence about illegal immigrants. Somehow, you cannot discuss anything about anything unless you have one line about illegal immigrants. The only sensible reason to discuss illegal immigration in same topic as "attract and retain" the "high-skilled workers" is that if there are people who are high-skilled, need to be "attracted and retained" and also happen to be "illegal".

    So folks, look around yourself, do you find anyone who is "high skilled", "illegal" and also need better laws to be "attraced and retained". NASA folks and folks from silicon valley, please check the cubicle next to you to find an illegal rocket scientist or an undocumented microchip designer. Those damned illegal rocket scientists and doctors.

    Hey WSJ...listen up !!! Are you being facetious, or are you really not as competant as people think you are ?


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  • STAmisha
    09-15 10:58 AM

    Have some backup like Canada/Australia/Singapore. Atleast you will continue the same quality of life with little lesser pay and continue with life

    India is an option but the $$ amount for outsourcing is getting expensive and US is finding new options in China/Eastern Europe/Isreal/Phillipines, I'm not sure about future. I know this is just thestarting but in some time the tide may turn and India might loose in the race (hope not).

    Currently India is booming heavily and I HOPE it sustains the pace!!

    The common things we need to worry in India is the dreaded exposure back to STONE AGE culture (especially for women) and some common problems like pollution, too many people everywhere ...

    Meanwhile sit back, relax and enjoy your life and forget what will happen tommrow. Take it easy and everything will be allright

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  • rkgc
    10-02 12:04 AM
    How about tourist visa? you can get multiple entry for 10 years, but I guess no of months you can stay in India is a question. I am applying for my son too, both of us hold Indian passport, what you guys suggest? go for OCI?


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  • miththoo
    11-07 04:24 PM
    If someone enter USA they can bring in 10K$ with them in any form, ask you parents to go to any center in india private broker or anyone and buy $$ (thye charge some amount and that is in paise if they buy $ from you at 39 then they will sell it at 39.50 or so)

    You can buy as much as you want 100K$ or more. then when someone from india is coming then they can hand it to him and he can give it to you here.

    Well in that case you "may" get caught by IRS (if they audit ). But in case of wire transfer you can prove that the money came from India in which there would not be any tax liability.

    10-24 10:13 AM
    Good to know that you are out of black hole....I am believeing more and more that there is no system in USCIS...

    10-12 10:41 AM
    I used the subject line: US immigration system: problems faced by legal immigrants

    thanks for taking the lead on this issue.

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