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  • rajuseattle
    08-14 12:55 PM

    It looks like whosoever used the convenient e-file method for EAD renewal application got scrwed by USCIS.

    It is ridiculous to receive the FP appointments after 1 month of filing and then for the same thing USCIS issuing RFE suggesting they did not receive RFEs.

    IV core can we address these online EAD renewal issues to our USCIS contacts?

    I mean people are using EAD for their jobs, their is no interim EAD and USCIS is not following the law for issuing the EAD within 90 days of the receipt date.

    Here are my details:

    PD: EB-3 I June 2003.

    EAD renewal e-file: July 02nd 2008
    Support docs: sent on july 02 nd 2008, received by USCIS on 07/08/2008
    Paper receipts: received on July 11th 2008
    FP notice: August 08th 2008
    RFE for FP: August 08th 2008
    FP schedule: Aug 22nd 2008..Planning to visit USCIS local office for the FP apointment.

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  • saurav_4096
    11-08 10:07 AM
    msgs like this help establish the notion that this is an indian website dedicated to indian immigration issues. I didnt see any post wishing happy Eid/ Eid Mubarak nor did I notice last year that anyone wished a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays, nor do we wish our Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year.

    As Diwali is national holiday in india... same is true for Eid and Christmas.
    Would greeting on Eid or Christmas will also set the notion for Indian website ?

    Happy Diwali to all :)

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  • Humhongekamyab
    06-10 02:16 PM
    Bumb ^^^^

    mnq1979 you have posted your question is the wrong thread and you might not get any response here since this thread is about gun ownership; ppl who are not interested in the gun ownership topic will not visit this thread.

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  • Alabaman
    04-16 08:18 AM
    I signed up for recurring contributions... go IV!!


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  • gcappl
    04-19 12:49 PM
    Obama - YOU LIE

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  • reddymjm
    10-07 02:19 PM
    What do you mean by priority dates were added?


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  • EkAurAaya
    06-12 06:01 PM
    There is definitely something missing here. You are either not saying the complete truth, OR your wife is not supporting you, OR you are suspecting that she will testify against you.

    I agree with you, i think he is in deep s.... and the whole trying to type broken English thing is also fishy (in my opinion its on purpose)!

    This guy has been in the country for more then 3 years (at least - based on his h1 being valid till 2011 which means recently extended)) on a work visa and cannot communicate a simple fact that they were fooling around and he didnt intend any harm (if that is the fact).... HE must be really really good at what he does at work for his company to keep him!

    But to give the benefit of the doubt and innocent until proven guilty - I wish him luck!

    I really hope i m wrong in judging you... and seriously I wish you all the best if you are being honest about the whole thing.

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  • vikki76
    04-08 02:01 PM
    Gandhi was in S Africa for how many years before he returned to India? If he hadn't been humiliated in S Africa and didn't decide to perform Satyagraha-who knows what shape our freedom movement might have taken?S Africa made Mohandas a "Gandhi"
    Maybe, we all need to go to our home countries-and free them from "beloved politicians":-)


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  • belmontboy
    04-21 02:29 PM
    I heard famous indian crab stroy....are you that crab.

    Please be positive. Please support our request.

    US is a great country. Always value human values more than any other country.

    I love US. That is why i am here.

    Whoa, the same old crab story is back.

    You sound like someone who knows the proceedings here very well.
    New members wouldnot know the crab story

    Did you create a new ID for having fun??

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  • pcs
    05-22 03:08 PM
    All members...

    Please contribute


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  • newuser
    05-29 10:31 AM
    This is the third time an Indian American has won the competition in a row.

    BTW, the huge number of Indian American partcipants is not due to the fact that " Indian Americans" are brilliant... These children (at least most) are partcipating not becasue they have talent but they are being forced to by the aspirations of their parents.

    All the Indian American children are crying, sitting on the lap of their parents etc... See any other kid who lost, they were cool.


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  • aadimanav
    08-27 04:01 PM
    A small BUMP for BIG expectation. :)


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  • Dhundhun
    06-13 01:44 PM
    That's the last post I put here. Let this thread disappeared

    Firstly I am not from India where most of your guys come from. Instead from Taiwan 2 and half year ago. As travelled much between Asia countrys, no much time staying is US office although I based here. Yes, my English is poor and broken but this is not a fake story, make no sense for me. Just kill the time???

    When cops knock out your room, handcuff your hands on the back, force you stay down at the corner , if you could keep calm and state very clearly. I can only show my respect but unfortunately I did not make it. This is my first time. :( Should be the last time either.

    Now the negative point is mostly from my statement, no matter whether you believe, the attorney told me drag with anger is battery. we think that's okay does not mean it is okay on the law. So I wish you guys be careful on this kind of play around to avoid any trouble. I knew you all have better english than me. so you could explain clearly :) But Same level, do it on your spouse is even worse on a stranger.

    I create this thread just wish listen your opinion and try public view how much chance I can win the jury trail. Some of your advice is really helpful and I will take them.

    My wife is writing the mail to DA and wish it helpful to my case. I will have several rehearsal with my attorney in coming weeks. Anyway, we will fight for the justice and not accept that ridiculous battery charge.
    Any advice, please PM me, highly appreciated. If you suspect my honest, please don't waste your own time. Let's shut up on this thread and let it gone.


    No need to upset. This is a different type of question. I googled and researched on it for hours, how to suggest you. In fact I did not know several words and acronyms used here.

    This is a situation because of cross-cultural differences, ignorence of law of land, weaker knowledge of English, etc. It might not have been aggrivated, had you been in your native country.

    Once in Japan, I crossed rails to go to next platform and caught by police for doing so. I explained them my childhood, when every day I used to do so in small town and it was OK there. Police told me that they understand me, and asked me not to repeat again there.

    My son asked for Samurai. On airport, the moment police saw it, they snatched it from me. They kept it under their possession and handed over to airlines to give me back at destination.

    I feel that police and people are considerate to situation.

    So, based on my experience of sevaral such things happening due to ignorance and past habits:
    .... Use translater and explain in native language (You can say that you know technical language to work in office, but don't know day-to-day language. You don't know difference between drag, pull, take along, etc).
    .... If you have any cultural example, explaining up to what level it is acceptable in your society.

    You must understand that under law of land, the way happening has been explained to police is serious offence. So work around explanation based on language gap, cultural gap, traditions gaps, etc. to minimize its impact. Show your preparedness to accept bridging of gaps to meet the law of land.

    Good luck.

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  • little_willy
    09-07 03:49 AM

    Excellent Video!!!! Thanks for sharing it :)


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  • abhisec
    10-03 03:38 PM
    Me too.. I will start my company and work for it....enough is more getting scared..oh what will happen if the IO doesn't like my face..ot the way i dress....:D:D

    Do we have any conclusive evidence of these cases? Have we seen prior cases being approved using this approach?

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  • Wendyzhu77
    08-18 10:58 PM
    Although I never agree with those "restrictionists", I have to say this time they are right on one point: reduce the family immigration. EB immigration brings in much better people than FB.
    After calling US born children of illegal immigrants as "anchor babies", and family immigration as "chain migration", our friends at the anti-immigrant NumbersUSA have a new term for skilled immigrants, you guessed it "anchor immigrant".

    They are again using their scare tactics to influence congress to drop its support for HR 5882.

    Calling all EB3 guys, Eb2 IND guys with PD after Aug 06, and others with PD retrogressed, its in your sef-interest to call your members of congress to seek their support for this legislation, and to contribute to IV. There will be no relief for a while if this fails.


    ROy Beck
    Aug 18, 2008
    IT TAKES A VILLAGE -- Chain Migration Puts Nearly Everybody In Line To Overwhelm U.S. Communities

    By Roy Beck, Monday, August 18, 2008, 12:50 AM

    As soon as we take a single skilled immigrant from a developing nation, around 17 different families may be put in line to follow because of our reckless Chain Migration policies.

    Our immigration policies literally "take a village" every time a new Anchor Immigrant is admitted to this country.

    Fortunately, our immigration policies do have a few boundaries and delays that keep the whole village from entering our U.S. communities immediately. But every one of the members of those 17 families begins to consider future immigration to the U.S. as an entitlement. And because of that, millions don't wait for their turn, instead settling in the U.S. illegally to wait for the greencard that they believe is rightfully theirs.

    Our U.S. population is exploding -- consigning more and more of us to heavily congested, heavily regulated lives -- because of high immigration numbers, which have snowballed because Congress insists on continuing Chain Migration.

    Because of Chain Migration, every immigrant we allow into the country because he/she brings a special skill, education or experience becomes an Anchor Immigrant.

    That is, if officials determine that an employer can't find an American to fill a job and allow the importation of a foreign worker, that worker becomes an anchor in the U.S. for vast numbers of other people from his/her home country.

    One problem for the United States is that only the Anchor Immigrant is supposed to be picked on the basis of serving the national interest.

    All the other immigrants attached to that Anchor through Chain Migration get to come without any regard whatsoever to their education, skill or humanitarian need.

    My "17-Family Chain-Migration Village" example is not close to the worst possible scenario but it is a nightmare that is not uncommon.

    Here's the scenario:

    Consider a typical Anchor Immigrant who comes from a developing nation and has three adult siblings. All of them come from one family. As soon as the Anchor Immigrant is accepted, all those siblings know that the Anchor Immigrant can put them in line for immigration once he/she becomes a U.S. citizen. Mentally, that one whole family is now in line to come to America.
    But there are many more families who mentally get in line, too. The Anchor's spouse, plus each of those three siblings' spouses will be eligible. That makes five families now in line (the original plus the families of the four spouses).
    In every one of those families are their own siblings, minor children, parents, etc. This is getting to be quite a crowd of people who suddenly see their future as possibly being in the U.S. That makes five families involved now (the original and the four spouses' families).
    Now, consider the siblings of those four spouses. That would be 3 siblings multiplied by the 4 spouses, equalling 12 more adults, all of whom potentially have their own spouses! Potentially, each of those 12 spouses of the siblings of the spouses of the Anchor's siblings is from a different family.
    Now, you have those 12 families, plus the Anchor's family, plus the families of the four spouses of the three siblings of the Anchor. That potentially adds up to 17 families that immediately can know that they are in a chain that eventually can have a chance to immigrate to America. And all of that happens the minute our government decides to give a permanent work permit to a single foreign worker.
    An Anchor Immigrant immediately creates chains of expectation into possibly 17 different families.

    You can imagine how a village or urban neighborhood can quickly have most of its residents seeing that their future is in the United States. Not only does this build huge pressures for more migration and more population growth in the U.S. but it saps whole villages and neighborhoods of the will for self-improvement.

    Why will people pour themselves into bettering their own communities when they believe their future lies living in America? And, of course, the chain migration does not end with those 17 families. Our rules are set up so that every Chain Immigrant also becomes an Anchor Immigrant, making it possible for every relative to get in line to come to the U.S.

    The only solution is to end the Chain Migration categories entirely. (See our pages on the legislative solutions.) That means limiting each Anchor Immigrant to bringing a spouse and minor children. No adult children, siblings or parents.

    The Anchor Immigrant can easily visit his/her relatives annually (or more often) and can be in constant communication by phone, internet and postal mail. Chain categories must be ended if we are to avoid the nightmare of 439 million U.S. population in 2050 as projected by the Census Bureau.


    Sen. Menendez of New Jersey is blocking the re-authorization of E-Verify (to keep illegal aliens out of jobs) until Congress agrees to add 550,000 additional Anchor Immigrants next year.

    At the moment, the leadership of both Senate and House are seriously considering trying to pass the 550,000 increase in Anchor Immigrants.

    Powerful media like the Los Angeles Times and New York Times are lobbying hard for more Anchor Immigrants.

    Unless the American people themselves become fully aware of the dangers of Chain Migration and the concept of the "17-Family Chain-Migration Village," the Big Business and Big Media lobbyists are likely to multiply the chain migration nightmare many times again.

    Make sure you have gone to your NumbersUSA Action Buffet and sent all your free faxes to push your Members of Congress to stop Sen. Menendez and to eliminate Chain Migration.


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  • sidbee
    02-15 10:17 AM

    Now that Desi consultant companies are under scanner, i hope employees working for them get their long overdue justice.

    H1B has become synonym for visa abuse bcoz of these moron's. I hope the system comesout clean.

    I really wish all the desi companies,who get people from India,and put them on bench to find a project ,be banned. They screwed H1B, and in turn all the deserving H1B candidates.

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  • raj3078
    10-24 10:13 AM
    Good to know that you are out of black hole....I am believeing more and more that there is no system in USCIS...

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  • Imigrait
    05-21 06:35 PM
    looks like you just missed in june cutoff dates

    I actually feel lucky that being from India, I have reached this far!.... Hopefully EB2 doesn't become unavailable in the next few months .

    01-15 12:27 PM
    In India, the govt. collaborates with the criminals to kill the citizens.

    And the next thing you will say is - and those citizens killed are from a specific minority and Hindus are killing Muslims and India is evil and blah blah blah blah..... Is that all?

    What would it take for you to talk sense here? Just say it.


    04-16 12:45 PM
    Guys if you compare the way people live and spend in India, I think they are more well off then we are. I know some friends here, all they do is, look for coupons. They’ll fight all day with Customer care reps for $1 extra that company charged, they don’t leave tips when they eat out and they eat out once in 6 months. Except for a Camry and a leather chair may be a better bed, what is this guy doing better than he would have done in India. Atleast there he had a ‘Kamwaali’ who did the cleaning for his family. He had a tutor who taught his daughter. Here in US all he’s doing is cleaning bathrooms, kitchen their his children ad driving his Camry.

    Not only they are saving $1 by fighting with customer service rep to dispute the $1 admin fee on the phone bill or some other fake charge on credit card bill, they are also saving a lot of money by not contributing to Immigration Voice.

    So combine all this:

    1. Being cheap patrons at restaurant, not giving tips (buffet restaurants dont deserve tips according to the cheap indians).

    2. Bringing stinky dinner for next day's lunch therby saving lunch money and not eating out with co-workers. Even more savings from potential situations where you have to tip.

    3. Wearing sneakers instead of leather shoes on weekdays. Sneakers are cheaper than leather shoes and sometimes even look good with trousers and dress shirts.(yeah right...)


    See, all this adds up to a fortune when you multiply dollars times 40 (or 43 or 38 whatever the heck the exchange rate is)..........................

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