Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • kshitijnt
    06-12 03:25 PM
    DA knows that for them to win the case, they need your wife's statement on their side. And for you to win the case your wife will have to testify under oath. The attorneys are prepared on both sides to argue this case and examine and cross examine the case. Make sure you have a really really good attorney.

    I hope you are telling the truth. If not why she didnt tell the police or you didnt tell police the real reason. Now the onus is on your wife to contact the police and DA and let them know the truth.

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  • StarSun
    05-14 07:59 AM
    Thanks to members who are offering miles to buy air tickets for others, and for coming forward with donations to cover costs of travel and hotel. And to our DC/VA/MD members for hosting out of town members.

    However, we still need more such offers, so please come forward on this thread.

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  • josecuervo
    06-20 11:10 AM
    Dear friends,
    Can you please let me know if I can go for medical exam even before I receive packet 3 from NVC. I would like to save time. Appreciate any tips and pointers in this regard.

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  • go_guy123
    01-15 06:21 PM
    Read this article :

    This is story of a 84 year old Nazi from world war II whose citizenship was revoked. So even citizenship can be revoked.

    Thats what I am sayin. Even naturalized citizenship can be revoked by revoking the underlying GC. Only citizenship by birth is the safest.
    John walker Lynd was able to keep his citizenship in spite of being with Taliban. Had he been a naturalized citizen, I am sure US Govt would have revoked his citizenship by voiding his old GC.


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  • jonty_11
    10-17 11:39 AM
    Gave in and sent PP by Fedex yesterday for Schedule A, grp 2 case.My attorney did not advise me to PP nor did a legally brain I turn to for advice. He said its likely that I would get approved even during retrogression.
    But I decided its better to know sooner than later, preferably before spouse started using EAD, and if a miracle happens (who can prevent miracles?) the 485 could also get approved concurrently with the 140.... And because I have 13 days more before retrogression hits. And because I saw people reportiing really qiuck turn around after PP. My employer was willing to pay half as well...

    Well plus I did not want to be stuck in the general EB2 pool (India) which looks like its a black hole. I have an approved labor from 2004 there.(yet to file 140 for that one) didn't see a reason to be stuck there with a 2006 PD.

    I still wonder if my reasons were sane and if my hasty action mght prevent my spouse from working -- if the 140 gets denied...Well, we'll take it as it may mean goodbye to the US or something..

    BTW as far as I know, retrogression doesn't start till November 1st.

    How did u change from EB2 to SCH A worker? wahts the basis for that?

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  • 24fps
    02-15 07:28 PM
    Look, the H1 quota was not sufficient even when it was set at 115,000 pre-2000. It was only when it was set to 195,000 in 2001 that the quota exceeded demand. Now thanks to the report by USCIS last year, we know that about 20% of the H applications had fraud or technical violations. Even if you assume that the USCIS does a perfect job and catches this 20%, the quota that will be freed up won't be enough for the rest of the applicants.

    The issues we face have less to do with fraud and more to do with the anti-immigration forces who dislike the 1965 immigration law. Claiming fraud, cheap labor, harm to the environment from increased population are just convenient means to couch opposition to permanent immigration in.

    actually pre 2000 the visa's were available all year long , then there was a crunch due to the y2K and then when the bubble burst it shrank again.

    when USCIS said 20% were fraudulent , they meant complete fraud like , people paid $$ bought in here as programmers and then worked in gas stations , driving cabs etc

    and again 20% was just taken from a sample space of about 260 or so

    if USCIS were to count every case where a body-shopper has a guy on bench with no pay , h1b procured when no project available that 20% will double up atleast.

    the Anti-immigrant lobby will always be present whatever year/century it is , its human nature , so that fight will always be there , in boom time or recession or whatever

    but this country is smarter in terms of dealing with anti-immigrants unlike UK and parts of europe where they completely cave in.


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  • dassumi
    06-03 12:42 PM
    One of the primary things that you are missing here is that these competitions are just competitions - meaning - it brings the kids together in a national forum, lets them compete with one another and helps build this competitive spirit - which they may repeatedly in their lifetime.

    Being able to participate in a national competition boosts confidence - the sense of competition and wanting to excel is totally a transferable skill - it rekindles the parts in you (or a kid) that they are not aware existed before they competed.

    As for whether this is a right forum to post this, I have seen worst things posted here on IV.

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  • gcisadawg
    03-27 01:12 AM
    I got red with a message "so negative" for my post where I tried to be realistic.
    I guess people dont want to hear the truth! :(


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  • makemygc
    07-06 10:42 AM
    >> The members of the class will have to compete each other for the numbers

    The question that comes up - is this fair?

    Not a legal advice.

    It's not fair. Closing the door on July 2nd itself is not fair but then what is fair in life.

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  • GCKaMaara
    05-29 04:15 PM
    I think we (IV) should rethink about this and support it.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-22 02:04 PM
    I have sent letters and contacted my congressman so many times that i am beinging to doubt that they even care. The staff understands the issue, provide sympathetic answers, but overall there is little progress. Everyone agrees that this bill is good and non controvertial.

    I sent 5 letters, to congressman, senators and Mr. President also. (over reaction, isn't it?%$)
    Gurus, keep sending letters this is good for EB3-I.. I guess...

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  • StarSun
    03-11 01:01 AM
    Sure, your point is very much valid. What I understand from the Freakenomics experiment and EB3I behavior with respect to IV is that only a few folks have the perseverance to go all the way from D to B.

    Take 100 folks with C grade and give them the $50 offer for B. May be 80% will reach that goal. (I do not recall the actual results of the experiment).

    Take 100 folks with D grade and give them the $50 offer for B. Ideally we should see 80% of folks improving their grade to a C (one level up). But in real life only may be half as much (40%) will actually improve their grades to a C.

    At this point and esp from states like TN, IN, MO, AR, KS, KY, MO, OH, WI, AZ, NV, NM, UT, CO, OR, NE ..... I will gladly take the 40%, why, I will be happy with 20%!!!!!!!!!!!

    Members from these states, remember, that your lawmaker will vote on all immigration bills - the questions are 1. whether our provisions are in the bill 2. have we talked to our lawmakers about our issues and 3. will they vote for us? ----- All three tie to our participation and our communication. As simple as that.


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  • jay75
    05-13 03:21 PM
    As I see, most of you are missing the point. Instead of trying to understand, you showing the maturity of mind. The whole purpose of EB immigration is to meet the Demand(Job opportunities) vs the supply(immediately available candidates).
    When there are a lot of opportunities exists for EB3 level(skilled profession) and less opportunities exists for EB1(Ph.D/Executive Director), USCIS should give more no. of Visas to EB3, then EB1.
    A country cannot be built with only the kings, and not even a home can be built with only Ph.Ds(Nobody do the dishes).

    Well said !

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  • Omega30
    10-05 04:25 PM
    check this out...

    On 11-sep-07, Governors of 13 States Write to Congress to Urge an Increase in the Availability of H1-B and Employment-Based Green Cards

    it's all part of the game.. gyus


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  • vivache
    09-25 07:51 PM
    I agree .. again :) .. that companies may not be too excited about the employees taking off for a few hours.

    Can't we have something potent:
    Say we have a page on IV that lists all the members with names, GC applied on, wait time to date, company working for. Accompanied by any info that makes this look authentic like SRC number .. or something (need not be displayed, but can be in database).

    We could then get some graphs and statistics based on these figures and pass it on to lawmakers, other people who need to be influenced.
    This way we have all teh facts .. rather than arbitrary data like:
    "Today the system takes anywhere between 6-12 years to grant Green cards to some of the best and brightest of the world who have chosen America as their future home."

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  • gsc999
    04-19 03:39 PM

    See some additional news below from Politico:
    Darrell Issa attacks H-1B visa program, data projects
    Darrell Issa attacks H-1B visa program, data projects - Michelle Quinn - (

    There is definitely some movement here but interesting to note that House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) comment:
    "Lofgren is holding high-end workers hostage for the low-skilled, illegal immigrant."
    This was after a hearing in San Jose, I believe on Monday, about reform of H1B visa issue.


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  • krishmunn
    04-20 02:21 PM
    Looks like a few people at USCIS know that some kind of masters degree from india with a 3 years bachelors unrelated to ones profession cannot be used in place of US masters. Did not realize that USCIS has some people who know the rules and play by them. If all USCIS people who approve these cases know about this and if lawyers stop justifying that correspondence masters degree is equivalent of US masters, bogus initial eb2 applications as well as porting could be stopped.

    Looks like policiticans are doing some work here.

    First the degree should be related.

    See the rules here ---

    USCIS knows the rules better than you and they DO apply the rules correctly. If you know of a case where there is a violation you are free to complaint to CIS rather than ranting in a public forum.

    A correspondence Masters from an ACCREDITED university is legit. As I said earlier, if a degree from a Accredited University is invalid than your degree is also invalid. There are tonns of legit US universities offering Online courses --- some examples are University of South Dakota, University of Massachusetts, Northeastern University etc.

    I challenge you --- say in a public forum that degree earned through online courses from these universities are bogus . I will make sure to forward that link to these universities and you can spend more time defending a defamation law suit than anything else.

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  • getgreensoon1
    04-20 12:07 PM
    Since, last august DOL has become weird with even approving eb3 labors. Generally, attornies will put language in the eta 9089 that they will accept three years of experience for each year of bachelors degree missing (this is in line with education evaluators and uscis).

    These days USCIS is trying to stick to the rules, so all people who are trying to beat the system by using wrong credentials are getting stuck. Lawyers have nothing to lose, they will make more money from from your eb3 application and two from your high risk eb2 application which will eventually be rejected.

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  • bitzbytz
    06-25 08:44 AM
    H1 was approved some time last year and H1B started from 10/1/2006.

    02-11 12:06 PM
    OK. I received the Denial letter today and below is the extract from it.
    What does not make sense to me is that it said I140 revoked but in the next line it said I 140 revoked because it you did not meet minimum requirments for labor cert .

    This I140 was approve ( it was file for me ) and if they did have this question at that time , how come they revoke it now.
    Or is this is the way they normally denay the 485 ?

    I am in big trouble . ???

    You are applying on the basis of an immigrant petition for alien worker, for I140 filed on your behalf. However the same petition has been revoked.

    Since the approval of the visa petition files on your behalf is no longer considered valued, your application is here by denied.

    Please note that the Form I140 is no longer valid for porting purpose under section 106� of AC21 if the I140 was revoked due to the fact that you did not meet the minimum requirements for the labor certificate at the time of filing. Due to the fact that beneficiary of the For I140 was found to be �unqualified� at the time of filing you are not eligible for relied under section 106� of AC21.

    The regulation do not provide for an appeal from this decision.


    A certified labor is needed to approve your 140. So your 140 was approved without labor?

    02-23 09:30 AM
    Public announcement

    Immigrationvoice would like to reach out to its community to find out if they are facing any problem with AC21 related issues or had faced any such issue in the past. If you had received a denial of your application for example not having the same designation/ different salary/different location etc... please contact and we would like to assist. This would also help us try solve the larger issue of restrictions on applicants during their greencard journey where they are bound with employers, salary, designation, narrow occupation field etc.

    Please contact us at info at

    Do post this information on other forums so that we can help out others in need on this issue.

    Reiterating what Pappu said, I had a discussion with the IV Coordinator and she advised that IV wants to help the community on these issues.

    If anyone is worried about their AC21 change (already made or planning to make the change), if you have some fears about how your particular situation will be handled, say getting a denial or issues at port of entry etc.... please post on this thread.

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